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August 2020

Be a Peacemaker

By |2020-08-20T14:29:15-04:00August 20th, 2020|Uncategorized|

If you've noticed, we've been a little "parenting" heavy lately. Yes, we usually show up to talk about how the Bible ties into our work... but we also cannot and will not neglect the very real and current needs of working women. We're here for the Spirit-led conversations, not for our brand or strategic algorithms, amen? And as a community, parenting is big piece of where our heads and hearts are right now. You too? Yesterday, Somer Phoebus taught part 2 of How to Not Idolize Your Kids and got super practical. One of our top takeaways? Remember the power in being a peacemaker. There is absolutely a time to step in and put your foot down, but sometimes, you can diffuse a situation with love and peace before it gets to discipline and rebuke...and you just might just be surprised at the effect it can have on that little one or big kid that's on the receiving end. Want to catch this recording along with part 1? It's easy! Just become a member and you'll get access. Join swHw!

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10 Ways to Wow Your Supervisor [by doing tasks they don’t know they need done]

By |2020-08-19T08:00:40-04:00August 19th, 2020|Business, Faith-Based Leadership|

In case you don’t already know, I have served as Executive Assistant to Michelle and She Works HIS Way for the past six years. Even though Michelle and I are quite opposite from each other, it’s true: opposites attract! We have an incredible working relationship, as well as a personal friendship. Inside this resource, you’ll find a sneak peek into some of the every day tasks I do that have tremendously helped free up Michelle’s brain space so she has more time to do what she’s great at—being a visionary. So if you’ve got a supervisor, try a few of these tips to WOW them by doing tasks they probably don’t even know need to be done. Here are two of Teeny’s ten tips: Take ownership over simple decisions so their brain can be used for big picture and vision. There’s a high level of trust in an executive assistant/manager relationship. Michelle has empowered me to be able to make decisions on my own. As you know, there is no shortage of decisions when you’re operating a business. As many small decisions as I can make, it frees Michelle to be able to focus on the bigger picture and [...]

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Customer Service –> Customer Care

By |2020-08-12T20:23:38-04:00August 12th, 2020|Business, Faith-Based Leadership|

"The difference between genuine work for the glory of God and all other work is God as your foundation. It has nothing to do with the task." - Michelle Myers So if you've found yourself believing that the task is what give your work importance, maybe you just need the reminder that godly work gets its importance from God. Pressure off. But also, focus on. Probably one of the most difficult areas (but most important!) ways to live our faith at work is in our interactions with others. And that's where making the upgrade from customer service to customer care comes in. And when we talk care speaking to Christ-followers, we don't mean merely a feeling or a brand value.  Care of Christ's standards cannot be faked, automated or mustered up in your own strength. We mean genuine care that flows out of us because Christ is in us. Here's a quick look at the difference: It can seem daunting to attempt to keep up with standard customer service expectations in small organizations -- because big businesses sets the standard. Customer care is where small organizations can win. Stop wasting your time fighting battles you'll probably lose that [...]

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Graphic Design Basics for Novice Designers

By |2020-08-03T13:38:47-04:00August 6th, 2020|Branding, Business|

There’s nothing “basic” about great graphic design, but there are some easy elements to consider and some you should avoid before you start designing! Here’s a sneak peek into our members only resource this month: DO: Be Consistent with your Branding Beyond the use of your logo, typography, colors, and photos in a design, using them consistently (and correctly) is essential in launching and sustaining your brand. All these elements as a whole bring your brand to life! Your logo isn’t your whole brand, but it is the basis upon which you will build everything else. It’s the most visible branding asset that people will identify as you or your business. Be sure it is legible, not pixilated or stretched. If you don’t have a brand guide, consider investing in one to establish all of your brand elements – especially if you have a team of designers or are going to be outsourcing design work. Choose and use fonts (probably some used in your logo) consistently across your pieces. Same for colors – over time, the repetition of color usage, font usage, and your logo will solidify your ‘look’ and make yourself easily identifiable in a sea of businesses. [...]

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An Open Letter to swHw moms in 2020

By |2020-08-06T13:21:29-04:00August 6th, 2020|Business, Faith, Faith-Based Leadership, Family|

To the swHw moms, You are not in control. That means you can’t make a decision “right” enough to set your kids up for guaranteed success and you can’t make a decision “wrong” enough to ruin their life. The voices and opinions of others that are keeping you up at night come from people that do not live in your house, did not birth your child, and will not be there at the end of this upcoming school year to cheer for you when it’s all over. And trust me, that day will come! Before you know it, this school year will be behind us and your child will have been loved, cared for, and in one piece. God loves your child more than you do. You need to get that. You may have given birth to them, but He gave life to them, He gave breath to them, and He has a purpose for them. And there’s not a pandemic big enough or a school year weird enough that can change His plan for them. Ignore the noise of the world. Listen to the voice of God. Rest in the Hands that are holding your child -- and [...]

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