There’s just something about being together. 2020 has proven that. No matter how strong your Internet signal is or how clear the camera is, there is still a difference between being “gathered together” on Zoom and actuallybeing together.

And that’s why we never stopped asking God to make a way for Narrow 2020 to happen.


We are not anti-online. Obviously, there are so many of you we wouldn’t know if it weren’t for initially being connected through social media or email. But the majority of the time, being an online ministry is kind of like trying to have a Bible study at a night club.

A Bible study at a night club is needed. Noble even. But it’s noisy.

It was genuinely such a gift to be able to break away from the noise and be together in a sacred space.

A space where…

…faith swallowed fear.
…worship won over worry.
…love prevailed over hate.
…unity defeated division.
…and truth was louder than lies.

Because God was there among us. In the name of Jesus, the enemy had to flee. And for a moment, the world fell silent.

Not because the world wasn’t still loud. In fact, the world turned up while we were gathering. But we weren’t paying attention.

And here’s the truth: where your attention goes, your affection usually follows.


So we’re challenging you with what Dr. James Andrews challenged us with:

What if you lived every day of your life “mission trip” ready?

If you’ve ever been on a mission trip, you know what we’re talking about. You see God move in incredible ways. But it’s not the trip that moves God to move. It’s the fact that you’re prayed up, you’re willing, and you’re ready for the divine appointment.

You don’t have to take a trip to do that. You don’t have to wait for Narrow 2021 for that.

Pray like every day is a mission. Because it is.

Be willing and be ready for the divine appointment in your day. Because He can and He will if your “Here, I am, Lord” is on the table.

To every woman who came to Narrow 2020, thank you. We’ll never be able to express how grateful we are that you choose to be part of this community. We are blessed to know each one of you.

And if you read the sacred space description above and felt your shoulders release tension and you thought, “I’d love to be there. That’s the space I want!”  We are here for you. We are not perfect. But we are His. And you’re welcome here.


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