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October 2018

Narrow Prayer Guide

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Prayer isn’t just part of our event planning; it’s the backbone. We can’t create a spiritual experience; God must show up. With so many of you traveling to us, there are so many details, we could never know them all...but HE does. For this month, we’ve put together a daily prayer prompt, rooted in Scripture, that covers the biggest burdens God has placed on our hearts—before, during and after Narrow.  We invite you to print this prayer guide + post it somewhere where you’ll see it and can pray with us daily. It encourages us SO much to know that you’re praying with us! God, come and do what only You can do - we love You! P.S. If your business/ministry runs events, we encourage you to use this as a template to create a prayer plan for your event. Bottom line: God’s power is required to do His work. We pray this template blesses you in what He has entrusted you with! And it’s STILL not too late for you to be with us. Head to sheworksHisway.com/narrow2018 to join us! Download the Prayer Guide!

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September 2018

Why YOU Should Come to Narrow

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You go to buy your Narrow ticket…and then that twinge of doubt pops up, and you hesitate. Been there? Here’s the deal: We get it. After all, when family matters to us more than work, the reality is that it’s HARD to choose to spend a weekend away from them. Logistics aside, we know that you love them and it’s a sacrifice to take that time away. We know…because we feel the same way. But there’s a struggle that we have to talk about. Because right now, there’s a version of “Christianity” being twisted that says you can love Jesus without having to follow Him. And that gospel sells. In fact, it’s especially being fed to the business crowd because people like that message. That message is helping people grow their followings because it says that, no matter what people believe or how people want to live, they can claim to “love” Jesus, but not have to change. And friend, that gospel may sell, but it doesn’t save. We need to have this conversation in person. We need to lock eyes, grab hands, fall on our knees, and cry out to God. Then we need to link arms as [...]

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Planning vs. Tracking

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It says it in the product title…but we get it. It’s hard to know the difference between planning and tracking. (And trust us – we love our planners too, so this is NOT to say you don’t need a planner!) But we’d love to share three ways planning and tracking are different…which is why as a Christian woman in business, there’s a place on your desk for a planner and a swHw Business Tracker! 1. Planning allows you to assign + complete tasks. Tracking allows you to evaluate a task’s effectiveness. We all know that it requires much less effort to mindlessly go through the motions instead of intentionally giving of our best. Most business tools focus on what you get out of doing business, but marketplace ministry requires us to put our focus on what we give. So rather than just marking a task as “done,” tracking forces us to assess if our work matters. 2. Planning keeps you on schedule. Tracking keeps you on mission. No doubt, one of the biggest enemies of discipline is distraction. We can assure you – our goal is not to overwhelm you with tons of platforms, spotlights and shiny stuff. Our goal is to cut the fluff and focus on the activity that [...]

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Q4 Essentials Sneak Peek

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We know getting back into the swing of fall routine requires effort, so we thought we'd help you with some guidance + accountability. Q4 Essentials: 30 Days to Evaluate + Improve Your Business Where It Matters Most. From CRMs, social media strategy, onboarding email sequences to website best practices and systems and scheduling, it’s JAM PACKED in this digital workbook for you here. (And of course, swHw style, it’s got the appropriate amount of purpose policing too!) Print it out + take this sneak peek challenge. We'll be with you every step of the way! Download the sample five days below….and if you’re totally hooked like we’re pretty sure you will be, become a swHw member for the FULL 30 Day challenge and coinciding classes with our swHw teaching team. We want you ALL to come along with us -- Start Day 1 today! Grab my Q4 sneak peek

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August 2018

Business Training You Can Trust

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Has it been difficult for you to find business training you can trust? Us too. It wasn’t impossible, but it wasdifficult. We found that every time we were learning business from someone who didn’t share our priorities, it required some serious filtering of their information before we could begin to apply it. It makes sucha difference when we can learn from someone who… … defines success as obeying God, no matter what. … reminds me to prayerfully consider my season of life – not just any available opportunity. … uses their knowledge and experience to positively impact the lives of others. …encourages me to work for the “well done, my good and faithful servant” – not the earthly recognition or worldly rewards. Can you relate? If you can, sweet friend, take a deep breath. That’s exactly our mission. We’re not perfect, and we’ll never claim to be. But we do know that His way is perfect, which is why our goal is never to point you to us, but to lead you to Him. We want to be that business training you can trust – no filter required. We call this the “swHw filter,” and it’s our promise to [...]

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