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October 2020

The 2020 swHw Gift Guide is LIVE!

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We did it -- we made it to the most wonderful time of the year! (And yes, when it's 2020, we're saying Christmas can 100% start in October!) We're kicking off the celebration with our 2nd edition of the 2020 swHw Gift Guide — a digital catalog that is full of amazing products and services by swHw women, for swHw women. Check out the different categories inside: Art + DIY Beauty + Skincare Books, Planners + Journals Blog + Lifestyle Clothing Courses + Education Health + Wellness Jewelry + Accessories Kids Podcast Travel We always say that the best part of swHw is the women who are gathered here, so in our minds, there's no better way to Christmas shop than by supporting some of our amazing swHw members and their incredible businesses + ministries. (Many have even offered you a special discount inside!) This digital gift guide is such a beautiful representation of what this community is all about: diversity in geography, industry, and gifts -- but united in our love for Jesus. You'll probably find something here for everyone on your list -- including yourself. We know you’ll love it as much as we do - [...]

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Keeping the Sabbath Holy for Working Moms

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This week's class was on Sabbath -- and Michelle Myers got really personal with how God has changed her heart over the years from not prioritizing having a Sabbath to going through the motions of a Sabbath, to delighting in a Sabbath to putting a little bit of Sabbath in each day. We always aim to have a Biblical foundation that moves to practical application -- and with topics like this, we also pray God gets personal with each of us. Members, the recording is ready for you in the member group and your member portal!  If these are the kinds of conversations and you need, swHw membership is for you! Our doors are always open and we would love to get to know you more inside the swHw membership.  Join swHw!

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Everything You Need to Plan Your November Promotion

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Between Black Friday and Giving Tuesday, you have a lot of opportunity as a small business owner, but with so much marketing and messaging over those 5 days how do you maximize the potential without making your business look like a garage sale? That's a great question! So we answered it by creating a resource for our swHw members that will walk them through the best way to plan all of their November promotions so that they can increase traffic and sales the right way for their clients. Here are the four well known promotions that you may want to include in your marketing strategy. For the rest of the resource, join swHw here and become a member today! Black Friday This is likely the day that inspired the “Shopping is My Cardio” meme. A mere decade ago, these sales started at 5am the day after Thanksgiving, and now, Black Friday sales can be offered pretty much anytime in November. If your work centers around a brick + mortar business, (unless you’re a small shop!) a Black Friday sale is likely what your customers will be waiting on from you. Small Business Saturday Bottom line: it’s hard for small [...]

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What You Need for Innovation (Hint: It’s not creativity!)

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What You Need for Innovation (Hint: It's not creativity!) You know you need to plan Q4, but part of you is convinced you simply don't have the brain power for it. After six months of virtual school, phases, and pivoting, how will you find the creativity to innovate for your organization and customers? Just one thing: effective innovation is so. much. more. about meeting needs than creativity. If you want to innovate in such a way that serves your customer base and target audience, your best idea will not come merely from trying to get in the creative zone. You just need ears and empathy. If you want to innovate in Q4, this is all you need to do: 1) What do they need? Listen. 2) Why do they need it? Care. 3) How can you help? Serve. It's really that simple. Members, if you missed our Q4 planning workshop in class with Michelle Myers on Wednesday, the recording is up! Block off one hour, grab your business tracker or favorite tool to take notes, and plan the rest of 2020 with us! Not a member yet? Join our community today! This class recording (and so much more!) [...]

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September 2020

swHw Mastermind: Working From Home

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Are you reaching the end of your endurance juggling home, work, school, church, family time, date nights and multiple people's schedules (and sanity!) within the same four walls... practically 24/7? We get it. We SO get it. And if you don't believe us, we've added the questions that were submitted by our swHw community regarding our last Mastermind topic: working from home, below to show you that you're really not alone. Are these some of the same questions you've been having? How do I know if my business isn’t growing more due to lack of discipline, strategy, skill, delegation, etc OR because God wants to keep it the size it currently is? I feel like I am disciplined in it but also feel like I could be doing more sometimes. But am I really supposed to be doing more or just allowing my soul to breathe? How to do medical sales virtually with busy doctors who hate virtual meetings. Ideas for recreating sales opportunities in a no face-to-face contact situation. Building trust and relationships with those restrictions? Can we talk about choosing grace, operating from abundance vs scarcity and leaning into spiritual gifts and talents to create an [...]

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