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swHw team describes her as: loyal, genuine, steady, service-focused and the queen of laughing at all the wrong moments. Teeny is always, always, always eager to help. If she ever leaves swHw, it will probably be for the foreign mission field. Anytime you contact swHw, you’ll be interacting with Teeny. You’ll quickly feel like you’ve known her your entire life + we’re certain she’ll probably become your favorite. Wife to Sam, Mom to Harper + Louise

June 2018

Teeny Tutorial

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Answering emails and customer service is a large part of my job here at swHw. If I'm not careful, it can get quite overwhelming. Thankfully, I have some systems in place to help me get my work done efficiently! This month our members received four PDFs called Teeny Tutorials as their member challenge. They were challenged to read them, implement them, and then work more effectively! I'd love to share one of my tutorials with you. This one is about auto/vacation responders. Ever get an instant reply to an email with FAQs, business hours, a vacation notice, etc? I'll show you how to set that up for your email account. It's a great way to share your business' mission, your hours, FAQs/FYIs, and anytime you're on vacation or will be slower to respond to emails than normal. Check it out here: Teeny Tutorials_ Auto Responders

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The Extra Mile: Developing Customer Loyalty

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In high school, all of my friends were going out for track, and somehow, they convinced me that I needed to join them. The only problem was that my friends were fast, strong, and just naturally gifted athletes. I, on the other hand, was not. But I figured that if I went out for long distance as my event, I could at least endure, be consistent with my workouts, and hang in there. And that’s what I did. It wasn’t pretty, but I never gave up. Looking back, I’ve learned that this is a theme that has run throughout my entire life, especially when it comes to my business. I’ve never been the fastest, strongest, or most gifted, but I have tried to go the extra mile by enduring the ups and downs and by continuing to show up every day to be consistent. I truly believe that going the extra mile helps develop customer loyalty. And in my experience, this is done in three equally important ways: First Impressions We’ve all heard the famous Will Rogers quote: “You will never get a second chance to make a first impression.” It’s so true! Think about it—the minute you walk [...]

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May 2018

Six Things I Learned About Spiritual Growth From Hitting The Gym

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It was January. I was in a gym. You get the idea. In my post-holiday state, I had great aspirations that thisyear would be the year I got into shape. No more binging on bags of chips, no more putting off workouts until I felt up to it, no more making excuses to get healthy next month. It was time to make some changes. And I was motivated. The trouble is…I didn’t really know how to start. Oh, I could figure out an elliptical machine easy enough, but when I tried to lift weights like those reallyfit women – you know, the ones with perfectly toned triceps and the super-cute Lululemon outfits – all kinds of things went wrong! But the more I stuck with it, the more I learned. And believe it or not, there was one lesson I learned that had nothing to do with how much I could bench press. I started to see that my spiritual discipline was a lot like my physical discipline. If you’re anything like me, you sometimes look at your swHw sister and want to pursue Christ like she does. You know the woman I’m talking about – the one who [...]

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swHw Heartbeat: Our Main Mission

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Our main swHw mission: To live by the order of God first, family second, and work third. It’s never perfect, but it’s always our goal. We're not just aware that the way we work may look a little different from the outside - we pray that it does. We are women with an undeniable mission written in our hearts and we know Who is ahead of us, hand-crafting each step. We want to know God and make Him known. We desire our families to see Jesus in us first and most often. And in a world where business and Jesus can be like oil and water. However, we know that placing God first in our lives doesn’t stifle our work, but that He is the fuel to make it truly worthy and good. In a recent video I want to share with you today, swHw founder, Michelle Myers said, “Jesus never promised to build your business, but He has promised to provide for your needs.” As swHw women, that means we must have our eyes on building His church and have our hands busy in the work. Forget the glamour; it’s for His glory. Our own work matters, but [...]

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April 2018

Is Social Media The Only Way?

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Remember the days of at-home Tupperware parties? I do. I’m an introvert in most ways, so an at-home party was not my cup of tea. That’s why nine years ago, I was so excited about the opportunity to build a business entirely online. And that I did! The second business I built grew to be more successful than I expected it to be, and it was just that - an online business with a well known MLM company shared and promoted primarily through social media. I loved it for five  years. And then I didn’t for two more years. What changed? - Mark Zuckerburg decided I should pay to use his platform for advertising. I can’t blame him, I guess that makes sense. - Then the top dudes at Facebook and Instagram came together and decided that they were going to invent a complicated algorithm that no one understood, and that, even for the really smart people who could figure it out, would change so quickly, that figuring it out would do them no good. Basically, they wanted to be in charge of who I saw and who saw me. - Finally, and this may be the biggest sign [...]

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