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August 2019

Back to School: A Prayer for Teachers

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As we gear up for another back-to-school season, we can’t think of a better way to commission and encourage those that possess one of the greatest opportunities for influence over the next generation: our teachers. Teachers, as swHw women, we realize what a gift you are, and we appreciate the heavy load you carry when you commit to help shape the lives of tomorrow’s leaders. Although you may often feel under-appreciated, please hear us when we say, WE ARE GRATEFUL FOR YOU! WE NEED YOU! OUR KIDS NEED YOU! KEEP GOING!  We have compiled a list of quick prayers, written by some of our she works His way members. We hope our words encourage your heart as you prepare for another school year, and we pray you’ll bookmark this post for when you need reminded of your incredible purpose on those exceptionally difficult days. Lord, I ask for continual refreshing for the teachers this year. That their jobs would be a delight and not a chore. That through them students would learn about kindness and humility. Bring favor and blessing! (Leah Hazelwood, special educator) God, we ask that in the schools where they aren’t allowed to say Your name, [...]

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2019 Narrow Conference Schedule

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The 2019 Narrow Conference Schedule Is Out!  Are you the kind of woman that likes to know what you're getting yourself into before you can commit? We get you....sooooo here you go: It’s the entire Narrow Conference schedule beautifully laid out for you. Read it, study it, get excited about it! And if you haven’t yet purchased your ticket, GO DO IT NOW! You won’t want to miss a single second of this value-packed weekend. We’ve added a few new elements as well as more time for connecting with other swHw women and implementation. Come let us pour into you so that you can leave Narrow filled up and ready to pour into your circles! We can NOT wait to see you! Download the schedule here. BUY MY NARROW TICKET Have questions? Send us an email at [email protected] We're happy to help!

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July 2019

10 Questions You Must Ask if You Desire to Grow

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Every month, our members give us thoughtful + impactful questions for our "Ask swHw" class, so this month we wanted to offer you a peek at some of our favorites. Information + content is valuable and we strive to offer the best at swHw, but information without evaluation will leave us working IN our work, when sometimes we need to work ON our work. So we're sharing 10 of the 99 questions we've come up with that we know will help to you work ON your work. From personal leadership to marketing to the customer experience, we're doing our best to cover a wide variety of areas so each of you can benefit by taking some time for reflection. How do I prioritize having the hearts and minds of my teammates, not just their skill? What expectations do you have for your business that haven’t been clearly communicated? How can we stay true to our mission, but deliver it in a new way? How have I communicated the impact we’re making recently? Do the people working here have time to think, create, and enjoy their lives? Does our current activity move us toward popularity or effectiveness? What’s something that [...]

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Common Practice Is Not Always Best Practice: Tips to Do Network Marketing the Noble Way, Not the Normal Way

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Whether you call it direct sales, network marketing, or MLM, there are a lot of misconceptions about the industry. And with over a decade of experience on the inside, we are asking the question: Is there a way to actually serve people and make an impact while seemingly selling a product and signing up teammates? Yes…but it’s not normal. Likely, what covers your social media feeds is the “normal” way of doing network marketing: paycheck bragging, shameless product plugs, and sleazy sales tactics. So what if you could stop being normal and start being noble? Enter: Network Marketing Nobility. You may not know this, but the first business that swHw founder, Michelle Myers, built was in network marketing. Network Marketing Nobility is her three-part course on retail, recruiting, and leadership, where she shares what she’s learned about making an impact while building a business over the last decade in direct sales. Watch this quick interview for more from Michelle: Want more specifics on the difference between the normal way and the noble way to do network marketing? The first video of the course is available to you absolutely FREE. Click here to watch. Visit networkmarketingnobility.com for [...]

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June 2019

7 Business Tips You’ll Find Inside the swHw Business Tracker

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We’ve explained the difference between planning and tracking before, but there’s one more key difference between the swHw Business Tracker and a planner: Most planners don’t come equipped with hundreds of business tips. The swHw Business Tracker does. In fact, as Jami G. said when her tracker arrived: “Access to the guide alone is worth the purchase of the tracker!” So here’s a sneak peek of seven business tips you’ll find inside the swHw Business Tracker: 1. Track your todays. Goals aren’t just for monthly, quarterly, and yearly tracking. Setting daily goals is a huge factor in whether or not you show up consistently. Our tracker keeps it simple by aligning your daily goals with your daily priorities --- and then holds you accountable to moving fromthought àtask àdone.  2. Social media content creation isn’t hard…if you’re working. As you work, you’re constantly sharing information and encountering stories that would be valuable to share with future and current customers. Our business tracker allows you to collect and organize all of your thoughts, ideas, and information in a single location so you are always prepared with valuable content to share. 3. Wowing your customers and co-workers (whether planned or spontaneous!)always requires [...]

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