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Somer Phoebus is an entrepreneur, the Executive Director of Business Growth for swHw, a pastor's wife, and a mom of 2 teenage girls. Her areas of expertise are productivity, brick + mortar business, start-ups, and profitability. Grab Somer's free resource here and find out how to fix the top 5 productivity problems for the working woman in less than 5 minutes!

March 2020

Three Quick Tips to STAY Decluttered After Spring Cleaning

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You did it! You cleaned out the garage, the kids’ closets, the playroom, etc. You want to be so proud of yourself… …but deep down, you’re wondering just how quickly it will get out of control again. Can you relate? Here are three quick tips to help you maintain minimalism after decluttering:  When You Buy Something New This one is simple. If you buy something new for yourself, donate or give away something that is somewhat equal. For example, when you buy a new pair of tennis shoes, you need to donate or give away the oldest pair you currently have. Easy.  When You’re Given a Gift We’ve all felt that guilt when we’re given a gift. I mean, isn’t there some un-written rule that you have to keep it for at least a year before you give it away? Donating something doesn’t mean you didn’t like it; it just means you didn’t need it. So here’s the declutter new gift protocol: Accept it Admire it Donate it if you don’t need it. Paper If you find yourself having tons of paperwork at your house, try organizing your files by a timeline instead of by topic. [...]

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The 5 Systems Every swHw Woman Needs

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GO. BACK. TO. SIMPLE. All the virtual "amens!" rang out when Somer Phoebus said this as she closed out class Wednesday. Listen, we get it! Your routine has more than likely been interrupted and your expectations will most definitely need to be adjusted, but you know what hasn't changed? God's love for you. Nothing is a surprise to Him. He has gone before us -- even in something as simple as preparing our class schedule here at swHw. If you didn't hear us talk about this in stories this week, this class has been on our calendar for months. The Lord knew what we would need and He knew exactly when we would need it. If He cared enough to do that, don't you think He's got the rest of this craziness under control? So while you're home a little more than usual,, you might as well let us help lighten your load with these SIMPLE household systems that you can implement immediately. Here are the five systems and our favorite tip from each of them! Not a member yet? Get the rest of the details + the printable resource that you can use to create and implement your [...]

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A Can’t-Miss Convo with Lisa Whittle

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Everywhere you turn, there are tips for how to be the best version of yourself. The advice you get usually isn't bad, but typically neglects what's best. So we end up attempting to figure out how to simultaneously serve ourselves... and serve others.  And this incessant cycle (and others like it!) is what often ends up making us feel like our lives are just. too. complicated. But what if the solution was a lot simpler than we make it? What if we're just failing to connect the chaos of our lives with our mixed-up priorities? And THAT is exactly what we covered in class with Lisa Whittle this week. She broke down all of the key areas (like service over spotlight) that she identified in her new book, Jesus Over Everything, that releases 3/24. You don't want to miss this interview, swHw! Join swHw and get instant access to the class recording. Join swHw!

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5 Steps to Simplify Social Media Content

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Social Media. The marketing platform that has revolutionized the way we do business… …and seriously waste an insane amount of time. We’re not anti-social media around here, but we are for sure against time-wasting activities. Sooo… here are five simple steps to help you simplify social media content: 1. Talk to one person, not an audience. Talking to everyone usually has the same effect as talking to no one. First of all, most everyone prefers a conversation over a presentation. Plus, narrowing your audience helps you target your content so the right person not only pays attention; they take action. We’ve created a guide called Who Are You Talking To? that will help you create a character sketch for your target audience so you can best reach the person you’re aiming to serve. Become a member to get this resource (& more!) 2. Don’t waste time creating content; share what happened. You can waste a lot of time trying to think of something to post… when you could just get to work and serve until something post-able happens. The human brain is captivated by story, so work in such a way that inspires having stories to tell! Bonus [...]

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The Discipleship Opportunity in Delegation

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Do those you lead feel like they're a task to you or like a person? There's a MUCH bigger opportunity in delegation than just crossing something off our list -- because as you've heard us say many times before, business is never just business as a believer. It's never just about your work, just about the task, or just about getting the job done. It's always, always ALWAYS about souls. Delegation: focuses on the task Development: focuses on the person  Discipleship: focuses on the Kingdom You don't want to miss the recording of The Discipleship Opportunity in Delegation class with Michelle Myers - become a member and listen now! Become a swHw Member!

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