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November 2018

2018 Christmas Gift Guide for the swHw Woman

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Ever been told that you’re not simple to shop for? We’re making it easy this year for those who love you. Enjoy our complete list of 25 gift ideas for you that cover all spectrums of the swHw life and honor every budget. Happy shopping! 1. swHw membership Instantly connect + be mentored by women who share your priorities of Christ, family, and work. Every resource + training we provide is done by women who are committed to the gospel, dependent on God, dedicated to their family + effective in their work. At just $15/month or $120/year, you can connect with a tribe who instantly gets you for less than 2-3 cups of coffee per month.(P.S. We are committed to be your best business expense every year.) 2. ESV Study Bible If you’re looking to grow in your knowledge of God’s Word, the ESV Study Bible is one of our favorites. It does a good job of remaining true to the text, while providing a mix of historical context + application. We highly recommend it! 3. Biz Tracker  Its nickname is “the business mentor that sits [...]

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No for Now Does Not Mean No Forever

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Have you ever been offered an amazing opportunity, only to get that feeling in the pit of your stomach, knowing you need to say no? Of course, sometimes the timing is just off or you’ve already committed to other things and the only reasonable answer to an invitation or opportunity is no. But we’ve all found ourselves jumping through hoops of justification, haven’t we? Convincing ourselves that saying yes is really the prudent thing, what with the worthiness of the cause or the flattery of the offer. This happened twenty years ago when my husband Andy and I were starting our church. I was raising three young kids, homeschooling our oldest for kindergarten, and juggling all the details of young family life, so I didn’t have much margin for adding to-dos to the to-do list. As conversations began about what the church’s women’s ministry would look like, I was approached about joining the team. Now I could come up with dozens of justifications for saying yes—I’m not making a long-term commitment, it’s just important for me to help get the ministry started. I could have a significant impact on so many women! But I had already committed to homeschooling [...]

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Defining the Four November Promotion Trends

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The month of November hosts arguably one of the largest retail weeks of the year. What started as Black Friday has grown into the monstrosity that starts anytime after Halloween + really only transitions into Christmas and New Year promotions, rather than coming to an end. With SO MUCH marketing and messaging happening between Thanksgiving and Giving Tuesday, how do you know where your business falls and how to maximize the potential without making your business look like a garage sale? It starts with knowing which category your business falls into. Here's an explanation of the differences between Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday: Black Friday This is likely the day that inspired the “Shopping Is My Cardio” meme. A mere decade ago, these sales started at 5am the day after Thanksgiving, and now, Black Friday sales can be offered pretty much anytime in November. If your work centers around a brick + mortar business, (unless you’re a small shop!) a Black Friday sale is likely what your customers will be waiting on from you. Small Business Saturday Bottom line: it’s hard for small businesses to compete with the big boys – in terms of [...]

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October 2018

Narrow 2018 Recap

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Unity is one of those things that is hard to describe, but impossible to miss. And I think everyone who was at Narrow 2018 would agree, that’s exactly what we experienced: Unity. And not because our work lives or family lives look the same, but because we all share an intense desire to follow Jesus. No one came to see the speakers or be seen themselves. The spirit in the room was a hunger to hear from God Himself. I think most of the time when people attend a business conference, there’s this front that everyone tries to put up of having their life all together. Thankfully, that was missing. Instead, it was just a room full of women desiring to get their life right – by God’s definition. Praise Him for doing everything we prayed for and more. Heartfelt thanks to each of you who were there and made this weekend what it was. You bless us so much! Here are the top 3 takeaways from each swHw team member: Michelle Myers We use our passion to excuse many things in life, but especially our pride. Make sure you’re not falsely identifying your pride as “passion.” – Somer Phoebus "It [...]

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Narrow Prayer Guide

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Prayer isn’t just part of our event planning; it’s the backbone. We can’t create a spiritual experience; God must show up. With so many of you traveling to us, there are so many details, we could never know them all...but HE does. For this month, we’ve put together a daily prayer prompt, rooted in Scripture, that covers the biggest burdens God has placed on our hearts—before, during and after Narrow.  We invite you to print this prayer guide + post it somewhere where you’ll see it and can pray with us daily. It encourages us SO much to know that you’re praying with us! God, come and do what only You can do - we love You! P.S. If your business/ministry runs events, we encourage you to use this as a template to create a prayer plan for your event. Bottom line: God’s power is required to do His work. We pray this template blesses you in what He has entrusted you with! And it’s STILL not too late for you to be with us. Head to sheworksHisway.com/narrow2018 to join us! Download the Prayer Guide!

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