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Somer Phoebus is an entrepreneur, the Executive Director of Business Growth for swHw, a pastor's wife, and a mom of 2 teenage girls. Her areas of expertise are productivity, brick + mortar business, start-ups, and profitability. Grab Somer's free resource here and find out how to fix the top 5 productivity problems for the working woman in less than 5 minutes!

February 2019

How Do I Love a Life of Less?

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Honestly, once you get to the actual having less part, it’s fairly simple. That’s the ironic thing about the topic of having less. Most people admit that they feel bogged down and anxious about all of their stuff. We recognize the direct link between the amount of stuff we have and the level of stress we deal with. Could it be that the things that bring us so much happiness initially are in fact the same things that trigger our stress later on? The answer to that is a simple “yes”, but the solution is more complicated than just decluttering. Does this cycle sound familiar? Step 1 We buy or accept new stuff and we love it. Getting new stuff is fun! Step 2 We take the new stuff home and put it in a place. Furniture, clothes, decor, whatever it is, we are so excited to welcome it to our life. It instantly makes us feel better, happier, more content. Step 3 We repeat step 1 and 2 over and over every time we have a desire to feel better, happier, or more content with our lives until we run out of places to put the new stuff [...]

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January 2019

Motivated to Start, Hungry to Finish

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Growing up, I remember hearing the Bible being read aloud in church and wondering how I would ever connect to what seemed to be such a complicated collection of stories. There were so many rules, so many unpronounceable names, and so many story lines that felt fanciful. But, one thing was very clear to me among the confusion: God. I believed that He was real and that He really did love me. I could see proof of that in my house. I would find my parents reading their Bibles regularly at home and would hear them sharing what they’ve learned with us. All I knew was that, even though a lot of the story details went over my head, the truth about how big God was and how He sent Jesus out of His love for me was enough for me to want to know the Bible more. But, for most of my life, up until my children were born, I treated the Bible with great care, reading it as if my Christian status was wrapped up in how often I read it and how much of it I applied. It was still intimidating to me; reading felt more [...]

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Read This Before You Set Your 2019 Goals

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What should I do? This time of year, I think that question probably creeps up more than ever, as we feel like we need to set goals for what we want to accomplish. And while there’s certainly nothing wrong with setting goals, there’s something we need to do first, and I found it not too long ago in Luke 3. John the Baptist, the first prophet who had appeared in centuries (There are 400 years of silence between the end of Malachi and the beginning of the gospel accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke + John!), had a familiar message of repentance for sin, and with it, a bold call to actually live for God. I love how we see that he put it in Luke 3:8: “Therefore, bear fruits in keeping with repentance.” Repentance isn’t just a prayer we pray or words we say. Our actions are supposed to show that we live differently when we live for God. The Bible records that three different groups (the crowds, the tax collectors, and the soldiers) all asked John the same question after hearing his message: “What shall we do?” (Luke 3:10; 12; 14) See? That same question that probably plagues many [...]

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December 2018

Biblical Identity: A Firmer Foundation

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No doubt, in your career, you’ve had to take a personality test or two. I’ve used them with every team I’ve been on, as they can be useful to uncover personal strengths and weaknesses, help you communicate more effectively with teammates, and equip you to better understand how you and those around you are motivated. But when it comes to uncovering our life purpose as followers of Christ, are our personalities and preferences the best foundation? I don’t think so. Why? My wife, Michelle, has put it this way many times: Kingdom assignments don’t come with personality and preference passes. A few examples: Evangelism isn’t just for extroverts. Leaders aren’t exempt from serving. Forgiveness isn’t just for those with a natural bend toward compassion. So as each of us navigate the specific call God has on all of our lives, we can always assume our specific assignment falls under the umbrella of the corporate calling God gives to all who believe in Him. (Quick Tip: The best way to discover your specific assignment is to get busy with God’s call to all Christians.) We are to know God and make Him known. We are to be disciples who make [...]

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2019 Bible Reading Plan

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We believe that the decision to be in God’s Word positively affects every other decision we make. While we pray our swHw teachings remind you of what God has already said, there’s no replacement for going straight to the source of His Word, which is why we like to provide a free Bible reading plan every year - whether you are a swHw member or not. We heard such great feedback of how much you loved 2018's chronological plan that we're keeping that approach for this year too -- but we also heard from many of you that it was hard waiting until October to dive into the New Testament. (We felt the same way!) This year's plan includes a side-by-side chronological reading plan of the Old Testament and the New Testament. This way, you'll get a slower-paced read of the life of Jesus + spreading of the gospel all year long, alongside a historical reading of the Old Testament. You can think of the Old Testament as a sonogram - a picture of what was to come - and the New Testament as a living, breathing snapshot of God coming down to do for us what we could [...]

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