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August 2018

2018 Narrow Speakers

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We're so excited to share our speakers for this year's Narrow Conference! As promised, we've added a little extra to the typical boring bios. Each speaker was required to answer one fun question about themselves or their spouse. Check it out below. Michelle Myers What fictional character best describes you? Do I have to pick just one? I feel like I’m a mesh of Monica Gellar (Friends), Leslie Knope (Parks + Rec) and Moana. Ya know, assuming they all found Jesus... Michelle had no idea what started as a Google hangout at 5am with three friends would one day result in the title of “founder” of she works His way. But here we are, almost five years later, with hundreds of you joining us, gathering for the same reason we started: How can I glorify God, honor my family, and serve others at work? She’s the creator of Network Marketing Nobility and the swHw Business Tracker, the author of Famous in Heaven and at Home, and a certified StoryBrand Guide and Copywriter. Basically, her work happy place is pulling out of others what God already put in them. Home will always be her favorite place [...]

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July 2018

Hard Work Still Works

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I’m sure we’ve all heard it said that it’s more simple than it has ever been to start a business, build a following, or sell a product. Although, simple does not mean easy. The gift of social media has leveled the playing field for entrepreneurs and business owners. You no longer need a stacked bank account to launch your dream, you just need to choose a platform and get to WORK. But what is work? Do we even know anymore? When I’m consulting business owners and we talk through the reverse engineering and action steps required to get to their end goal, more recently I’ve been hearing these questions… Can I delegate/outsource it Can I skip it Can I fake it Let’s talk about it: 1. Can I delegate/outsource it? Of course you can but it doesn't mean you should. As leaders we have to understand the ins and outs of our business, all of them. We also have to understand the importance of each part and the best way to do that is to do the work ourselves. One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in my own businesses is delegating too soon. It’s hard to hand something [...]

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Narrow 2018 Schedule Released!

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After 8 months of planning, praying and preparing, we are so excited about the way God has shaped and molded Narrow 2018 - and He’s just getting started! Check out the Narrow 2018 agenda below!(Just click the photo!) Grab your ticket below Narrow is more than a business conference. Yes, we’re definitely going to prioritize equipping you to be more excellent in God’s call on your life. But rather than leaving Narrow feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list, our goal is for you to leave overwhelmed by the God who called you. Come join us for worship, for encouragement, and for training + truth while enjoying a mountain getaway in the peak of the fall season. Prepare to leave refreshed and free to pursue all God has purposed in your heart with new sisters in your corner. Choose from two ticket options to meet your needs. Our VIP experience includes priority seating, 2 exclusive events, and a few other bonus perks. General Admission VIP + General Bonus Workshops! We know you want to make the most out of your trip to Asheville…and that’s why we’ve planned a FULL [...]

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June 2018

Five Fast Facts About the Business Tracker

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We know using the gifts God gave you is important to you – that’s why you’re here. So as we enter the last few weeks of the first half of 2018, we thought it would be helpful to give you five fast facts to see if the swHw Business Tracker is the accelerator you need to max out God’s purpose for your business. It helps you reverse engineer your goals. Have you ever known exactly what you want the end result of a project to look like, but you’re not sure where to start or how to grow over time? Because the swHw Business Tracker format progresses your planning from quarterly to monthly, monthly to weekly, and weekly to daily, you’ll be able to break down your big business goals into bite-sized tasks by simply following the prompts. Writing it down WORKS. What we say isn’t always what we do. Simply writing it down is a HUGE forward step of intentionality. If you know you’ve been holding back from what God has called you to pursue, it’s time to take your personal accountability to the next level. The swHw Business Tracker can help! Get a sneak peek of the [...]

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Are you a secure leader?

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5 Questions to Determine if You’re a Secure or Insecure Leader: When others succeed, do you celebrate or compare? When you fail, do you make excuses/blame others or own the mistake? What do you spend more energy on: gaining followers or creating leaders? When others disagree with you, do they agree publicly/complain privately, or do they disagree to your face and without fear? Do you give more energy to where God has you right now or where you want Him to take you next? When our identity isn't founded in Christ, insecurity will always be a struggle. When we don't have the right view of God, we won't have right view of ourselves OR others. The worldly view keeps us stuck to a sliding scale that either feels inferior or superior around others - both of which are wrong. Michelle is not holding back any truth as she digs back into the life of King Saul to tackle the needed topics of the relationship between insecurity and identity. Click the button below to join the swHw Membership and get access to her class! Watch the class! [...]

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