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Michelle Myers is the founder of she works HIS way and Cross Training Couture, the creator of Network Marketing Nobility and the author of Famous in Heaven and at Home. Her passion is the swHw mission: encouraging and connecting women who pursue God first at home and at work. She calls Asheville, NC home, alongside her husband, James, and three children, Noah, Cole and Shea.

May 2020

Is Your Social Media Strategy Missing This?

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No doubt, you've heard before that you need to be sharing "valuable content" on social media. But real question: when you scroll your feed, is "value" the first thing that comes to your mind? I'm betting not. Today's average social media scroll is stressful. Whether you feel like there are too many opinions or too many grabs for a moment of your attention, the majority of posts made contradict the name of the medium itself: social (companionship of others) media (means of communication) Companionship + Communication. (Pssst - that doesn't say sales and marketing.) Sales and marketing are a very important part of any growing organization -- but even important parts don't work when they aren't put in the right place. Your website, inbox, and email campaigns are a great avenue for exerting sales and marketing energy. But don't waste the platform that's intended to bring your brand's mission and personality to life by being overly sales-driven. To make it easier to remember, here are the 5 E's that should be the backbone of any solid social media strategy: ENGAGE It's possible to be professional and personal at the same time -- and that's what social media should be. [...]

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you asked, we answered!

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What we love most about our masterminds: there's always something for everyone -- so if you couldn't be with us in class this week, zoom in on the image above + take what you need. And there's plenty more where that came from - the May mastermind is available right now for you in your member portal and in our swHw members group, along with the class notes. (And if you're wanting to get to know your swHw fam a little more, you'll really love the first 10 minutes!) Here's the reality: mastermind classes are only as good as the questions being asked, and swHw - no one asks better questions than you - so thank you! We know how full your plate is, so here are the questions we covered in class: How do you handle hard clients when you know you’ve gone above and beyond for them? I'm a department head at my office, and now, we're all working from home instead of our office. Curious since the swHw team works virtually -- how do you monitor the performance of others without micromanaging? I think I’ve made my kids an idol. How can I change that? My [...]

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Are you tired or are you thirsty?

By |2020-05-15T14:07:17-04:00May 15th, 2020|Faith, Faith-Based Leadership|

You have probably read the account or heard a sermon about the women at the well... but have you ever caught that John 4:6 points out that Jesus was weary when He ministered to her? So on top of Paul's words in Galatians about not growing weary in doing good, we also get to see our Savior's example for how to put this truth into action. Here's the difference between Jesus and the woman: He was tired, but she was thirsty. Over and over again, she had been drawing from wells that left her dry, but Jesus offered her Living Water so she would never thirst again. And that same nourishment is available for each one of us, and there is no substitute for it. If you couldn't be with us LIVE, Michelle Myers challenged us to examine our weariness a little closer and here's the question she left us asking ourselves... Am I tired from doing good, or do I just need a drink from the Well? Wow. That'll make ya think. Right?! If you've struggled lately with weariness (and you are definitely not alone if you have),you're going to want to carve out a few minutes to [...]

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scattered to centered

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>>Prioritize productivity to give yourself margin, not just to do more. - Somer Phoebus<< Culture tells us that working hard means working more. But when we measure productivity up to the gospel, it's not more that allows God to work in us and through us, but margin. If you missed this week's class -- The Stop Doing List -- it's worth stopping what you're doing to watch the recording in the member portal or the FB group. There's a companion resource + class notes loaded in the member portal so you can see for yourself just how much your life needs this. (We're already hearing from you about breakthroughs happening in your homes, schedules and responsibilities -- and we're so grateful you're here with us!) Join swHw!

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April 2020

50 Tasks a VA Can Do For You

By |2020-05-08T11:56:23-04:00April 28th, 2020|Branding, Business, Faith-Based Leadership|

Ever considered hiring a virtual assistant (VA) but not sure what you can outsource virtually or how to hire someone credible online? Our friends (and swHw members!) at Rock Solid Assistants are on the blog today, sharing 50 Tasks a VA Can Do For You. And members, they went another step further for you with The 5 Most Important Traits to Find in a Virtual Assistant. It's in the resource library, ready to be downloaded! #notsponsored #wejustlovethem Download the resource! Rock Solid Virtual Assistants are prepared to come alongside you in your daily tasks — whether they be administrative, creative, marketing, social media, or all of the above — to give you the time and freedom to do what you were made to do.  We are happy to take the repetitive tasks, the mundane tasks, and the tasks you simply don’t have time to complete and handle them simply and efficiently. Our assistants are constantly learning, growing, and increasing their skill-sets — a must in the ever-changing and growing world of technology and business. We hire only the absolute best assistants and our hiring process is drastically different and more challenging than average. You can be sure [...]

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