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I'll get your website up, your ads converting, and your business off the ground - so you have the time for the things you LOVE in your biz! I’m obsessed with helping women create businesses they love without all of the stress. My clients are my friends and I don't let my friends fail. Period.

March 2018

Creating Instagram Story Ads

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You ladies have seen them… and you’re probably wondering, “How do I do them?” Well grab a cup of coffee and a pen, because today we’re breaking down #allthethings when it comes to Instagram and Instastory ads! Last January, the powerhouses at Facebook launched the Instastory ads Beta to 30 big-name brands and it took off like WILDFIRE!! So what is an Instastory ad and how can you create one? An Instastory ad is an image or 15-second video that looks just like all of the other stories you’re used to seeing in your feed. The only difference: Someone paid for you to see it (you’ll see the word “Sponsored” above it.) Grab your phone (ok, let’s be honest – 80% of you are on your phone reading this right now, aren’t you?) and head to Instagram. Now click on stories. Swipe right 3-5 times and I can almost guarantee you’ll see a sponsored post. So how do you create one? It’s super simple! Step 1: Get Clear On Your Goal Are you running an ad to collect email addresses to your opt-in? Are you trying to get registrations to an opt-in? Do you want users to purchase your [...]

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Sunday: Beyond the Unplug

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At she works HIS way, we take Sunday seriously. We rarely post or even log in to our social media or email accounts. Our desire is to set an example that, despite what all the experts may say about what unplugging even for a day does to your organic reach, obeying God is more important than obeying the latest algorithm. (We’re pretty sure that goes without saying. But, we’re saying it anyway.) But Sunday isn’t just about unplugging from the world. It’s about intentionally plugging into our greatest Source of power: God Himself. You know we love the phrase “keep my hustle holy” around here. But the truth is, our work is just one aspect of holy hustle. Holy hustle should happen in our homes. And most importantly, holy hustle should happen in our hearts. Yes, that holy hustle of heart should happen every day. But we also can’t ignore that God has instructed us to have one day a week where He gets more than just some of our hustle: He gets all of it. In Exodus 31:12-18, God specifically speaks to Moses about the Sabbath. But before we dig into some application, I want to point out [...]

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The swHw Charge

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At the beginning of 2018, Michelle Myers sat down after her prayer time and wrote 10 statements that were pressing on her heart. After sharing them with the swHw team, we loved it so much that we started calling it "the swHw charge." Somer Phoebus did a super fun interview-style class with our swHw founder about these 10 guiding principles for the she works HIS way life. Our members wanted to make this live class free to non-members so you can see the heart and mission behind swHw. You can download your free pretty printable of the swHw charge here.

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February 2018

swHw Stories: fitbook + faith

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y'all,* can i just say how honored i am to be given the opportunity to share a little part of my heart with my fellow she works HIS way members?   but before i get on my pixelated pulpit, i want to first introduce myself. my name is angela + i started my business, fitlosophy, nearly 10 years ago with just one single product: fitbook. since then, it’s grown into a complete line of healthy lifestyle products that now grace the shelves of stores like target + walgreens, as well as online through our website + amazon. our mission is simple: create innovative products + programs that uniquely inspire people to live life fit. but this isn’t a story about me. it’s a tiny tale of how God has used one girl’s struggle to positively change the lives of thousands of people all around the world. [an excerpt: an example of God’s recent goodness in my business.] i am a lot of things. respectful of differences. disturbed by inequality. informed on truth. and aware of reality. but there is one thing that i am not: silenced by popular opinion. so often we either cower to avoid giving offense or do [...]

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5 Tips to Bring Back Dignity to Sales

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In my experience, I’ve met very few she works HIS way women who are okay with saying they’re good at sales. For some reason, most insist, “I just don’t want to be a salesperson,” or they hide behind this false assumption that they simply aren’t skilled when it comes to sales. And while I am totally on board with you not wanting to be a creepy, annoying or sleezy salesperson, sales is an unavoidable part of business. Everyone has to sell at some point. So before we go any further, let’s clarify what being good at sales actually means. Being good at sales does not mean you’re good at manipulating customers to give you money. Being good at sales does not mean you excel at exaggerating your product or service to appear better than you actually are. Being good at sales does not mean that you haggle people until they give in just to make you go away. But instead… Being good at sales means you are good at listening to consumer needs and finding them the best solution to their problem. Being good at sales means you genuinely care about getting others connected to your product/service because you [...]

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