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Somer Phoebus is an entrepreneur, the Executive Director of Business Growth for swHw, a pastor's wife, and a mom of 2 teenage girls. Her areas of expertise are productivity, brick + mortar business, start-ups, and profitability. Grab Somer's free resource here and find out how to fix the top 5 productivity problems for the working woman in less than 5 minutes!

June 2021

Behind the Scenes of the 3 Step Planner

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Our goal for every resource + training we offer aims to move from a Biblical foundation to practical application. [ICYMI, we shared the practical side of the 3-steps of the 3-Step Planner already here] - so now, we wanna jump behind-the-scenes and show you the real reason we're confident this 3-Step System will work for you: each step is grounded in godly wisdom. You may have heard us say it before: instead of always trying to do something or say something new, our aim is to remind you of what God has already said -- because what God has already said is all we really need to know. let's dig in: Brain Dump ---> Surrender it all. Anxiety and overwhelm go hand-in-hand. So the practical exercise of a brain dump allows you the opportunity to surrender everything rattling around inside your head to Jesus. Don't stop at simply writing it down - as you write it down, give it to God. Then, watch what He can do. Categorize ---> Confirmation of your calling. As humans, we have limits. In Christ, we can do [...]

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Quiet Times: What We Need to Learn and Unlearn

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Do you sometimes feel like you have to wait for the "perfect" moment to have time with the Lord -- a quiet house, hours to give, a candle, a cozy chair and a steaming mug of coffee? Social media and pressures to pursue perfection have even invaded our sacred moments with the Lord. How many times have you felt like, “If I don’t have a quiet hour to give the Lord, then I’ll just wait for another time...” ...but another time never came. Sometimes, chasing perfect doesn’t just leave us feeling inadequate. Chasing perfection also stops us from doing anything. Ditching the idea that time with the Lord has to look a particular way has helped me seek Him more in the busy seasons of life. For example, in a season of caring for a small child, I know things do not always stay on schedule or go as planned. So instead of waiting for the right moment, I spend my day finding the right moments. That means, sometimes: I'm reading my Bible waiting for my grocery pick-up order or on my lunch break I show up to church every week -- even when I'm tired and it's hard [...]

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Ask a Pastor – Part 1 with Jamie Caldwell

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We wholeheartedly believe that God’s first plan for community is found within the local church. We pray that not only do our members faithfully attend a church in their community, but also that they are active in discipleship, accountability and have a place of service. And because we love the local church so much, we love it's leaders. Enter: Ask a Pastor. First up -- Jamie Caldwell of South Shore Church (If you're looking for a church in or around Annapolis, MD, check them out!). He's not only Somer's pastor, but Somer's brother -- so as you can imagine, this conversation may have birthed a new genre we're calling theological comedy. Here's a sneak peek at a few of our favorite truths Jamie reminded us with: "The thing that makes God most unlike you is His grace." "Marriage isn’t selfish. Marriage is radically others centered." "A Christian that is not being stirred up is like mustard water." (Trust us - this was the best analogy ever that once you hear it, you will never be able to forget!) Wanna hear the whole interview? [...]

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May 2021

June Dates + Details

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Needing a discipleship community to come alongside you as you work His way? That’s exactly why we exist. Check out this month’s classes and join us - we can’t wait to meet you! Happy June SWHW! Join SWHW! . Looking for a Bible reading plan? Join us on YouVersion - it’s free!  Join the plan . Don’t forget about the 3 Step Planner. Pre-orders end May 31st. Get yours at the best price now (while you still can!) Pre-Order the Planner

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Meet the 3 Steps [of the 3 Step Planner]

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If a planner has ever felt overwhelming… If keeping up with a planner feels like another job… If adding to your planner induces anxiety… You’ve probably got the wrong planner. Or at least the wrong planner for you. The 3 Step Planner, created by Somer Phoebus, is simple. No stickers, no frills, and no color coding required. Just clear direction and perfectly placed prompts to help you take all the to-dos that are trapped in your brain from overwhelming thoughts to scheduled tasks. Here are the 3 steps you'll find inside the 3 Step Planner: Step 1: The Brain Dump A Brain Dump is a mental purge. How much better do you feel after de-cluttering your closet? Pretty great, right? Well, you can feel that way about your mind too! A weekly brain dump clears your head, eliminates overwhelm, and inspires you to take action. (Did you know that feeling overwhelmed is one of the top reasons we get stuck?) Step 2: Categorize it This is where you get to organize your Brain Dump, and for best results, you'll want to complete step 2 immediately following step 1. [...]

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