Unpopular opinion #1: The social media algorithm is NOT in control of growing and sustaining your work. God is.

Not being able to take a break from something — when God intentionally designed you to need breaks — isn’t being a good steward of your work. It’s called addiction. It’s called false control. It’s called believing in something man-made more than you trust God to build and sustain what is His.

Unpopular opinion #2: In a “social” setting, listening is required for ministry —  not just speaking.

Most “best practice” business trainings will teach you that even if you’re planning to unplug, you should still post to keep your content in front of your “audience” and to please the algorithm.

Here’s the problem with that if you work with a ministry mindset: This mindset elevates your importance way too much. This mindset will have you in a tailspin, heading straight for ego inflation.

If we view ourselves as ministers on God’s behalf, we know that if God needs to get His message to His people, He can use rocks (Luke 19:40).

And the purpose for social media is right there in the name: a medium for conversation. And a conversation takes two people. Trust us: if you view social media solely as a microphone, even if it appears to work in terms of gaining likes and followers, that’s no substitute for showing love and making disciples.

If you truly want to use social media as a platform for ministry, to love and serve others, you will only post when you have time to listen. Because many times, we miss the opportunity to minister because we’re too consumed with trying to come up with something to say.

So if you need a break from the listening side, they go hand in hand. It’s time to take a break from talking too.

Unpopular opinion #3: Rest is productive.

We are so excited about how God is going to use this ministry in 2021. And we truly believe that the best way we can prepare to be led by God into the work He has called us to do is to let Him be loudest. To let our hands be empty for Him to fill. And to love and be loved.

So that’s what we’re going to do. We’re excited. We’re expectant. And we’re already encouraged.

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