July 2020

July swHw Mastermind

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You know when the conversation includes, "Should I focus on investing in Pinterest coaching or SEO support to grow my business?" AND "How do I not feel guilty about having to work when my kids want my full attention?" you're in a swHw Mastermind. Michelle and Somer love answering all of the practical questions our members submit each month for this special class, but let's be clear, swHw exists to go above and beyond business consulting by providing a safe place for Jesus-loving working women to ask the questions that may be hard to find answers to anywhere else. And spoiler alert: we're always going to point you to God's Word so you don't have to worry about getting bad information. Here are the 16 questions that Michelle and Somer answered in 65 minutes: . Should I invest in a Pinterest Training or SEO support to grow my business? I want to start a membership site, what do I need to know? How do I not feel guilty about having to work when my kids want my attention? How do I pursue success without feeling like it's self serving? Best practices for newsletters/blogs? [...]

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June 2020

A Gospel Centered Conversation About Racial Reconciliation

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A few weeks ago, we opened a discussion in our membership to listen to + love on our sisters who were hurting after the wrongful death of George Floyd. If you missed it, what flowed out of comments were some of the most gospel-centered and grace-filled responses from the women gathered there. Since then, Somer and I have continued having incredible conversations behind-the-scenes, and three of the members we've talked with the most have agreed to join us for our June mastermind. Extremes are typically the easiest voices to find, so it can be difficult to navigate through all of the information literally found at our fingertips. If that's where you find yourself, you are going to have such clarity after learning from Sonda Williams, Alonda Tanner and Phoebe Montemayor. Every aspect of this conversation will start with, center on and end with Jesus. Because here's the truth: Identifying with Jesus means you will probably love too outlandishly to be accepted into the law-loving right, and you will probably obey God too easily to be accepted into the intellectual left. Christ-followers can't be confined into culture's categories because this is not our home. At a time when world seems [...]

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May 2020

you asked, we answered!

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What we love most about our masterminds: there's always something for everyone -- so if you couldn't be with us in class this week, zoom in on the image above + take what you need. And there's plenty more where that came from - the May mastermind is available right now for you in your member portal and in our swHw members group, along with the class notes. (And if you're wanting to get to know your swHw fam a little more, you'll really love the first 10 minutes!) Here's the reality: mastermind classes are only as good as the questions being asked, and swHw - no one asks better questions than you - so thank you! We know how full your plate is, so here are the questions we covered in class: How do you handle hard clients when you know you’ve gone above and beyond for them? I'm a department head at my office, and now, we're all working from home instead of our office. Curious since the swHw team works virtually -- how do you monitor the performance of others without micromanaging? I think I’ve made my kids an idol. How can I change that? My [...]

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April 2020

our mini crash course in retention

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In this week’s swHw mastermind, Michelle managed to talk through the twelve pillars of retention in right around 45 minutes. (That has to be some kind of content-delivery record!) It was so good, though, that we decided to share one of our favorite tips from each of the 12 with you here.  But before we dig in, though, we need to redefine retention — it’s deeper than merely keeping a customer.  “Retention is stewardship of the mission God has called you to and the people He has brought your way through your work.” - Michelle Myers  While we’ve got you amen-ing, let’s dig in: ONBOARDING:  Assume their doubt + reassure their decision. FEEDBACK LOOP: How can you keep the conversation going? PROACTIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE: Can you connect them with others who engage with your work as well? Make them feel like they're a part of something more than just buying something. LOYALTY PERKS:  If a customer has already said yes to you, there should be perks inside that are not widely advertised on the outside. (Psst - this is how you underpromise + overdeliver!) MISSION REMINDERS: Ask reflection questions that make them see their own transformation. SIMPLIFICATION:  Let them [...]

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February 2020

The Cost of Control

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Who wants to be Sally Clarkson when they grow up after yesterday's class?! 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️ We had SO much trouble choosing one quote -- (after all, she dropped bombs like "I wasn't a natural mom, but I did love Jesus. I came into motherhood out of obedience to Christ" and "The public arena is a fickle boyfriend.") But this one summarized everything she shared with us: you pick it -- parenting, ministry, business, marriage, friendship, in-laws, social media -- if control is the goal, you will always be disappointed. Members, class recording is up, and if you've found yourself wishing for someone a season ahead of you to pour into you, wish granted. Thank you, Sally! Not a member but would love to hear Sally's live interview? Join swHw today and get instant access! Join swHw!

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