October 2020

Keeping the Sabbath Holy for Working Moms

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This week's class was on Sabbath -- and Michelle Myers got really personal with how God has changed her heart over the years from not prioritizing having a Sabbath to going through the motions of a Sabbath, to delighting in a Sabbath to putting a little bit of Sabbath in each day. We always aim to have a Biblical foundation that moves to practical application -- and with topics like this, we also pray God gets personal with each of us. Members, the recording is ready for you in the member group and your member portal!  If these are the kinds of conversations and you need, swHw membership is for you! Our doors are always open and we would love to get to know you more inside the swHw membership.  Join swHw!

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What You Need for Innovation (Hint: It’s not creativity!)

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What You Need for Innovation (Hint: It's not creativity!) You know you need to plan Q4, but part of you is convinced you simply don't have the brain power for it. After six months of virtual school, phases, and pivoting, how will you find the creativity to innovate for your organization and customers? Just one thing: effective innovation is so. much. more. about meeting needs than creativity. If you want to innovate in such a way that serves your customer base and target audience, your best idea will not come merely from trying to get in the creative zone. You just need ears and empathy. If you want to innovate in Q4, this is all you need to do: 1) What do they need? Listen. 2) Why do they need it? Care. 3) How can you help? Serve. It's really that simple. Members, if you missed our Q4 planning workshop in class with Michelle Myers on Wednesday, the recording is up! Block off one hour, grab your business tracker or favorite tool to take notes, and plan the rest of 2020 with us! Not a member yet? Join our community today! This class recording (and so much more!) [...]

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September 2020

How to Stop Sideways Energy

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You've heard it said, "work smarter, not harder," but what does that actually look like in the day-to-day life of a woman who is often pulled in multiple directions with multiple interruptions? (Can you relate?) And even more so, is that Biblical wisdom or worldly advice? Our highest priorities that we talk about all the time here at swHw should get more than just our best intentions; they should get our greatest energy. And all of that is exactly what Somer unpacked for our members in class this week as she talked through How to Stop Sideways Energy. But before she went too far into class, she started with a quiz to help us determine if sideways energy is a problem for us.  It was such an eye opener that we decided to share it here on the blog for you as well! Take some time to evaluate yourself honestly, and if the results show you that sideways energy is probably a momentum killer for you, your home, or your career, you can join here to watch the entire class and get some tips on how to spot it and stop it! Directions: Considering each day, mark the place [...]

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August 2020

Strengths + Weakness Redefined

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It's not really about what we're good at or not so good at, but what He can do through us with or in spite of those things. Amen? In yesterday's mastermind, our members asked Michelle and Somer some pretty incredible questions that led to some rich (and sometimes hilarious!) conversations. But the above formula is what we ultimately walked away with, along with some really practical ways to make this standard for how we re-frame strengths and weaknesses in our everyday lives. Here are the questions we covered in class: - What are your thoughts on how to use personality tests? - What is the best strategy to steer your team around their strengths and weaknesses without stepping on toes? - Is there such a thing as too much personal development? - What's the line between developing skills (for yourself and those you lead) without becoming prideful or self-reliant? - Is it bad to depend on someone else in the areas where I am weak? - How do our strengths and weaknesses, spiritual gifts and fruits of the Spirit interact? ...and more! Wanna join the conversation? You're just a few clicks away from joining the swHw community, and we [...]

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July 2020

July swHw Mastermind

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You know when the conversation includes, "Should I focus on investing in Pinterest coaching or SEO support to grow my business?" AND "How do I not feel guilty about having to work when my kids want my full attention?" you're in a swHw Mastermind. Michelle and Somer love answering all of the practical questions our members submit each month for this special class, but let's be clear, swHw exists to go above and beyond business consulting by providing a safe place for Jesus-loving working women to ask the questions that may be hard to find answers to anywhere else. And spoiler alert: we're always going to point you to God's Word so you don't have to worry about getting bad information. Here are the 16 questions that Michelle and Somer answered in 65 minutes: . Should I invest in a Pinterest Training or SEO support to grow my business? I want to start a membership site, what do I need to know? How do I not feel guilty about having to work when my kids want my attention? How do I pursue success without feeling like it's self serving? Best practices for newsletters/blogs? [...]

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