“I didn’t know how much I needed this…”

“I didn’t know how much I needed this…” has been the resounding echo since class ended on Wednesday with Liz + Summer of Healthy, Whole and Free.

Let’s be honest: body image is usually a heavy subject. And while Liz + Summer didn’t shy away from any truth, they simplified why it often feels so heavy: because we attempt to carry it on our own.

Truthfully, this may be the first time you ever listen to a faith-based fitness conversation and leave feeling lighter.

Liz challenged us with this question in class:

“What have you not participated in fully because of your dissatisfaction and distraction?”

^ That’s what they mean when they talk breaking free from body image bondage.

It’s difficult to be effective for the Kingdom and truly show up in our lives if we are self-focused. And that’s exactly what poor body image does. We become distracted from what matters most by our dissatisfaction with ourselves.

This convo is not the typical advice you hear. But that’s kinda what we do around here, as what the world typically shares is rarely what is actually needed.

Summer put it so well:

“We get to be counter-cultural.”

It’s amazing how different that sentence hits when “get to” replaces the normal “have to.”

You can connect with Liz + Summer at @healthywholeandfree on Instagram. (Bonus: if you come see us at Narrow 2021, they’ll be the first two to greet you at registration!)

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