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July 2022

SWHW Audio Book Release

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It's a really special day for us! Nine months ago, the SWHW mission came out in book form -- and TODAY, the audio book version is OUT everywhere audio books are sold! We [Somer and Michelle] spent two days in Washington D.C. recording right after Annapolis Narrow -- and we kept talking about how we pictured your faces as we read. Available NOW on all audio-book platforms! GET THE AUDIOBOOK

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5 Questions to Identify Productivity Problems

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Do you want to do better when it comes to being productive and doing what matters most? So do we! But in the middle of the overwhelm and the piling stack of to-dos, sometimes it's hard to figure out why we're struggling. So we came up with 5 simple questions to ask yourself that can help identify where the issue lies when it comes to your productivity. They've worked for us and we pray they'll do the same for you! 1. Did you pray first? Duh. (This probably isn't something you don't know- but maybe you just need reminding.) 2. Does your workspace energize you? Create a workspace that you love because how we feel makes a difference in our creativity and overall work performance. 3. Have you eliminated distractions? Know when your deep-work hours are and be intentional about shutting out the distractions or you'll always feel frazzled. 4. Do you know what's most important? If everything's important, nothing is. Figure out what matters most. And if you need help with that, we use The Great Commission and The Greatest Commandment to help us see what tasks get priority. 5. [...]

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June 2022

High-Level Mastermind FAQs

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The SWHW High Level Mastermind (HLMM) is for you if you would like clarity and coaching as you build your business for the glory of God and the good of others. Michelle and Somer will come alongside you to strengthen your foundation, provide you with real-time feedback, and equip you for the future. Spots are limited to 12 women for each five-month commitment. Registrants after the first 12 women will be placed on the wait-list for the following five-month session. A monthly 2:1 with Michelle and Somer A monthly group zoom meeting with a small group of other women who have joined the Mastermind Access to all SWHW course recordings (Productivity 101, Purpose 101, Retention 101, and Network Marketing Nobility) My Life Purpose Workbook 3 Step Planner Business Tracker This call comes with prepared training and encouragement from Michelle and Somer but is also dedicated to answering all of your questions. We have also found a ton of value in facilitating small group conversation within the group as our women are able to teach and learn from each other. This depends on the group we have. There is a foundational curriculum that we teach that [...]

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To the Anxious

By |2023-09-25T17:39:13-04:00June 21st, 2022|Uncategorized|

To the anxious... First, we love you! It shouldn’t surprise you to know that more women than not struggle with or have struggled with anxiety in some form. And in case no one has ever told you, women who struggle with anxiety are typically more highly aware of their surroundings which leads them to see other's first, and they have a greater level of empathy than most people because they care on a very deep level for their friends and family. Scripture tells us that the very way you are wired is for a purpose and as much as it may be hard to experience or understand in the moment, trust us when we tell you, God WILL use your unique situation and suffering to bring Himself glory and to make You more like Him… if you let Him. Your love for others and concern for their wellbeing might make you more anxious but it can also make you everything this world needs and exactly what Christians are called to be, empathetic, loving, caring, believers who in their own suffering put the needs of others before their own with one goal in mind: to see God glorified. THAT is [...]

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