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June 2022

To the Anxious

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To the anxious... First, we love you! It shouldn’t surprise you to know that more women than not struggle with or have struggled with anxiety in some form. And in case no one has ever told you, women who struggle with anxiety are typically more highly aware of their surroundings which leads them to see other's first, and they have a greater level of empathy than most people because they care on a very deep level for their friends and family. Scripture tells us that the very way you are wired is for a purpose and as much as it may be hard to experience or understand in the moment, trust us when we tell you, God WILL use your unique situation and suffering to bring Himself glory and to make You more like Him… if you let Him. Your love for others and concern for their wellbeing might make you more anxious but it can also make you everything this world needs and exactly what Christians are called to be, empathetic, loving, caring, believers who in their own suffering put the needs of others before their own with one goal in mind: to see God glorified. THAT is [...]

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We only do this 2x a year…Mastermind is OPEN!

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It's that time again -- registration for the next round of the SWHW High Level Mastermind is OPEN! If you're looking for coaching that will help you clarify your calling as you work (in whatever capacity) for the glory of God and the good of others, we (Somer and Michelle) want to come alongside you to strengthen your foundation, provide you with real-time feedback, encourage you in the day to day, and equip you for the future. Here's what’s included: Five-months with us (July through November, 2022) Monthly 2:1 consulting call with both of us Monthly Zoom call with mastermind group (always recorded) Project management app for communication (no clogging up your email or social media) A SWHW Business Tracker A My Life Purpose Workbook Access to all SWHW course recordings (Productivity 101, Purpose 101, Retention 101, and Network Marketing Nobility) We're also throwing in the SWHW 3 Step Planner if you sign up TODAY! Spots are limited to 15 women for each five-month commitment, and 5 spots are already claimed for this round! We'd love to have you! Got questions? Reply to this email and we'll answer them. ENROLL NOW

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May 2022

Need a Prayer for When You Can’t Sleep?

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We love the ministry of Every Moment Holy! Save this prayer for the next time you are battling restlessness! "O Christ Who Is My Rest, This tension of body, and racing of mind, and clamoring of heart afford me no peace in this night. Unable to sleep I would yet make use of my restlessness, O Lord. Amidst doubt, anxiety, uncertainty, I would learn to practice a more constant awareness of your presence, directing heart and thought and petition you. Lay your hand upon my brow, O Lord, and bid me calm. I cannot know every reason why sleep so evades me, and yet you have made me yours and in that knowledge I would know comfort as a child cradled in a mother's arms, who sleeping or walking cares not for which momentary state, but only for that sweet, unspoken communion of knowing they are held in the soothing strength of a great love that is their precious nurture and their perfect peace. So even in haggard sleeplessness, I would yet recognize my utter dependence upon you, remembering that you are with me whether I sleep or not. I do pray that sleep will [...]

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6 Tips for Those of You that Work From Home

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2020 created some new opportunities for a lot of us working women, including telework. Although at times it can be convenient, we also understand how much of a challenge it is for your workspace to be the same as your living space. So we wanted to share just a few tips that have worked well for us! 6 Tips for those of you that work from home: 1. Separate your workspace from your living space 2. Don't make it habit to wear your pajamas to work EVERY day 3. Be intentional about staying connected to those you work with even if you only see them virtually 4. Don't eat at your desk 5. Quit work when it's quitting time and start work when it's starting time 6. Create a weekly routine/rhythm and stick to it

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