Do you want to do better when it comes to being productive and doing what matters most? So do we! But in the middle of the overwhelm and the piling stack of to-dos, sometimes it’s hard to figure out why we’re struggling. So we came up with 5 simple questions to ask yourself that can help identify where the issue lies when it comes to your productivity. They’ve worked for us and we pray they’ll do the same for you!

1. Did you pray first?

Duh. (This probably isn’t something you don’t know- but maybe you just need reminding.)

2. Does your workspace energize you?

Create a workspace that you love because how we feel makes a difference in our creativity and overall work performance.

3. Have you eliminated distractions?

Know when your deep-work hours are and be intentional about shutting out the distractions or you’ll always feel frazzled.

4. Do you know what’s most important?

If everything’s important, nothing is. Figure out what matters most. And if you need help with that, we use The Great Commission and The Greatest Commandment to help us see what tasks get priority.

5. Is your schedule right for your personality?

Not all planners are created equal. If you’re a paper and pen girl you will always struggle with a digital system, and vice versa. Know yourself and create a system that’s right for you even if it makes sense to nobody else.

We hope those help! And as always, if you have questions reach out.

P.S. Here at SWHW we have a tool to keep you doing what matters most!

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