To the anxious…

First, we love you! It shouldn’t surprise you to know that more women than not struggle with or have struggled with anxiety in some form. And in case no one has ever told you, women who struggle with anxiety are typically more highly aware of their surroundings which leads them to see other’s first, and they have a greater level of empathy than most people because they care on a very deep level for their friends and family.

Scripture tells us that the very way you are wired is for a purpose and as much as it may be hard to experience or understand in the moment, trust us when we tell you, God WILL use your unique situation and suffering to bring Himself glory and to make You more like Him… if you let Him.

Your love for others and concern for their wellbeing might make you more anxious but it can also make you everything this world needs and exactly what Christians are called to be, empathetic, loving, caring, believers who in their own suffering put the needs of others before their own with one goal in mind: to see God glorified. THAT is how you let Him.

You are more than your anxiety, you are a child of God with an innate ability to feel for the world. Let your feelings move you to action. We pray for your peace but we also pray you find the most incredible joy even in your suffering.


If you’re feeling discontent and uninspired, God’s Word will convert your imagination.
If you want to desire holiness more than your sin, God’s Word will shape your affections.
If you feel overwhelmed in relationships, God’s Word will increase your capacity for God’s people.
If you’re confused about what you’re doing, God’s Word will reveal you’re calling.
If you’re feeling unmotivated to do the work, God’s Word can ignite your passion to make disciples.

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