Is the swHw Business Tracker the Right Resource For Me?

In case you’ve missed any of our other posts, here’s a quick recap to learn everything you need to know:

What is the swHw Business Tracker?

What is it NOT?

Explore the layout.

What does “Keep my Hustle Holy” mean?

One last thing. Let’s just call out the elephant in the room. Do you really need to add one more thing to your plate? Will you actually have the time to fill this tracker out so it benefits you and your business?

Maybe. Or maybe you could spend that time scrolling social media one more time. Or you could try refreshing your last Instagram photo again to see if it’s gotten any more engagement in the last hour. (I can only say these things because I can relate!)

The truth is: We make time for what matters. And too often, we get stuck in the routine of habit rather than the pursuit of discipline.

But if you use the swHw Business Tracker as it’s intended, you won’t have to stay stuck anymore. (Unless it’s the hamster wheel of purpose…and in that case – Jesus, please keep me stuck!)

Old habits will be hard to break, of course. But these are the things you have to look forward to as you create new disciplines – straight from the mouths of a few who got an advanced copy to use during this last quarter:

“It’s not just my business. I’m watching my purpose grow!”

“I spend less time on social media now than I ever have…and engagement, sales, and FUN are all up!”

“The best part about the Business Tracker? My husband has seen a huge change in me since I started using it. My business is growing, yes, but my marriage is also stronger!”

“I’ve been using my tracker to start a brand new business. I love that I’m not distracted by all the shiny stuff. The Business Tracker keeps me focused on what really matters. I’ve gotten more accomplished in the last month using the tracker than I did over the entire last year!”

“I love the accountability to ask myself the Proverbs 31:28 Test every day. Because I know I have to write that answer down, I’ve become more intentional to truly be present with my family. It’s not that I didn’t know how to do this before, but I’m amazed at the difference simple accountability makes!”

So no more waiting….here are all the details!


But that’s not all! In addition to getting a business mentor to sit on your desk, you have a few LAUNCH DAY bonuses to choose from…as long as you act quickly!

We don’t expect all codes will be around for long, so go ahead and place your order early so you can have your choice of the bonus opportunities. (Only ONE bonus code allowed per order.)

100 of you can get a signed copy of Michelle’s devotional book, Famous in Heaven and at Home: a 31-Day Character Study of the Proverbs 31 Woman. Just use code: BOOK at checkout.

400 of you can choose a beautiful print to display in your office, your bedroom, or wherever you choose. Just use code: PRINT at checkout. (We have two designs and will randomly select one for you – we cannot accept special requests!)

500 of you can choose access to an exclusive class with Michelle Myers on Setting Godly Goals. It’s the perfect 2018 set-up! Just use code: CLASS at checkout. (Please double check that your email address is correct since that’s how we’ll contact you with the link for the LIVE class and to view the recording.)

But before you run off to the shop, I’d love to pray for you first:

God, thank You so much for the business You have entrusted to her. Use her as Your hands and feet. Help her pursue discipline so she uses the incredible talent You gave her to bring You glory and serve others well. Give her an open heart and open hands. We love You. Amen.

Ready to get your copy of the swHw business tracker? Head here — they’re going fast! 12/15 is the last day to place your order until March 2018 (or while supplies last…whichever comes first!)

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Michelle Myers is the founder of she works HIS way and Cross Training Couture, the creator of the swHw Business Tracker and the author of Famous in Heaven and at Home. She offers marketing + copywriting services to help purpose-driven businesses clarify their message. Sign up at

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