Are you ready to see the inside of the swHw Business Tracker? Let’s dig in!

Each tracker contains 6 sections you’ll get to know very well:


The Guide section is 24-pages, jam-packed with business truthbombs. Yes, its main purpose is to help you be able to utilize the tracker to its fullest, but it will also help you run your business both more efficiently and most importantly, in a way that is Spirit-led.

Our influencers agree the Guide section alone is worth the entire price of the tracker. And that’s just the beginning!

NMW (No Matter Whats)

The only thing that I don’t like about using paper resources is the chore of writing down reoccurring tasks over and over again. So we included a tab for your convenience to easily access this section where you can write down up to 10 regularly reoccurring tasks for your day and 10 reoccurring tasks for your week. Then, in your weekly and daily sections, you’ll have a chance to mark off when they’re all complete.


Because business can change so quickly due to things outside of our control (new social media platforms, new opportunities, changing markets/trends, etc.), it’s hard to do detailed planning much more than a quarter in advance. That’s why we opted to make each business tracker represent one quarter of business activity.

Inside the quarterly eval, you’ll be prompted to answer questions not just about problems that need to be fixed, but questions to answer deeper questions about what’s going well/working in your business. (If you don’t know why it was working, you won’t know how to fix it if it breaks!)

Key features: Goal-setting, innovation prompts, SWOT analysis, and God’s Word to guide the whole process – it’s all there!


Every section gets a little more detailed, so from turning ideas into tangibles, and dreams into deadlines, the monthly section is when you really get to see your tracker come to life.

The prompts in the monthly tracker kick hum-drum routine to the curb to make sure you carefully evaluate your decisions and planning, then actually do what you say you’re going to do. I’ve loved the testimonies coming in from our focus group of follow-through!

Because the cost of you getting bored in your business? If you’re bored, your customers are too.

Key features: Brain Dump, Tasks, Systems, Dreams with Deadlines, Key Dates, Personal Development, Profit + Loss, Innovation Implementation, Planning WOW


This section gives you the opportunity to organize your week – from work hours to content strategy for social media. You’ll also have a place to track specific prayer requests for your business, accountability to promote someone else (Kingdom gains, amirite?!), as well as, invest in your personal relationships and co-workers.

Here’s why: your business is a great business, but a terrible life. If your relationships are not healthy, it will start negatively affecting every area of your life.

Key features: Work Hours, Prayer List, Humble + Hustle, Content Strategy + Schedule, Team WOW, #BuildHerUp


In my conversations with business owners, the majority of them make time to work. However, the often prioritize the right things. They prioritize the activities that are seen: engaging + posting on social media, blogging, going LIVE, etc.

And while all of those activities have their place, they are not the activities that grow a business. Businesses are grown one day at a time, one person at a time. So the daily prompts ensure you lay down the highlight reel and get into the behind-the-scenes trenches that will actually move your business (aka your purpose!) forward.

Key features: Prayer + Gratitude, Commitment to Clients, Investing in Potential Clients, Spontaneous Wow, Share Your Story, Proverbs 31:28 Test

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