You want to know the number one reason the swHw Business Tracker contains the format I’ve kept for myself over the years?

Because I’m a sinner. (I’ll give you a minute to get over your shock – ha!)

But truthfully, I am prone to sin. I am prone to wander.

So the four words on the front of the tracker is the most important component of the swHw business tracker:

keep my hustle holy.

Now, hustle can bring out all kinds of emotions. Some people are anti-hustle because when they think “hustle,” they think no days off, and work days full of comparison, competition and cutthroat activity.

But holy hustle doesn’t mean we hurry through Kingdom work or tirelessly pursue our own selfish gain.

Holy hustle is a commitment to Kingdom work that is driven by prayer and action.

As my friend Andy Savage puts it, it’s working in such a way that “asks God to act perfectly on our behalf instead of us trying to act imperfectly on His behalf.”

(I’m gonna give you time to make sure you “Amen’ed” that!)

But friends, the last thing we want to do is attempt to work for God without consulting Him. Face. Palm.

And if we can all be honest here, that’s really easy to do. Dangerously easy.

We get so busy with life and have so few work hours, that when we finally do get those few coveted moments, we just start attacking our lists…instead of seeking Him first.

Or we start our endeavors naïve, clueless and totally dependent on God for every step…and then, the more seasoned in business ownership we become, we slowly become more reliant our ourselves.

Before we know it, most of what we do is in our own strength, not His.

And ladies, let’s get one thing straight. We cannot do anything better than He can. Anything.

But here’s the truth: Most sins are a perversion of what God created for good. Work was God’s idea…way back in the Garden of Eden before sin entered the world.

Work was a gift from God. We’re the ones who have turned work into an idol He never intended it to be.

So if “holy hustle” has been a turn-off for you because you automatically swing to the world’s definition of the term, let me offer you a challenging word of encouragement:

Don’t let yourself hide behind your shortcomings to avoid what God created for good.

Faith is active, not passive (James 1:22).

The harvest is plentiful, and the workers are few (Luke 10:2).

Everything we do can and should be done for His glory (1 Corinthians 10:31).

We are not to spend our days toiling for our worth. But we are called to do work that matters.

And if He’s called you to a business or ministry, He hasn’t called you to mediocrity. He might not call you to large audiences or full-time, but He has called you to work in such a way that brings Him glory. (I’m pretty sure that requires our A-game!)

So no matter if you’re doing quarterly planning, daily tracking or anything between, every step of the swHw Business Tracker requires you to acknowledge Him in all you are doing (Proverbs 3:6).

At she works His way, I usually leave all the productivity discussion to Somer, but truly involving God in every aspect of your business will undoubtedly make this your most productive and purposeful year of business yet.

And friend, I want that for you.

So if you know you’re prone to go into “Miss Independent” mode when it comes to business, I’d be honored if you’d give the swHw Business Tracker a try and see if the accountability checks don’t make your work life, spiritual life and home life come together more cohesively than ever before.

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