Our world today has more distractions than ever, and our businesses are no exception. I mean, with the distraction of social media alone, you could work for hours every day without really accomplishing anything.

But it goes beyond distraction. So many business owners consistently confuse marketing with business activity.

Yes, marketing matters! But that doesn’t change that you have to have systems to deliver on your marketing promises. The best marketing in the world can’t fix a faulty product/service.

So we wanted to create a resource that fills in the gaps. A resource that exposes the highlight reel, that purposely guides our grind and most importantly, makes sure that our work is geared to bring God glory.

Here’s the truth: Businesses are built one day at a time, one person at a time. And anyone who tells you otherwise wants something from you more than they want something for you.

So that’s what the swHw business tracker does: it prioritizes the behind-the-scenes work required to build a thriving business, while simultaneously providing a detailed roadmap to plan so you’re never behind, complete with the appropriate motive checks.

Every tracker represents one quarter of business activity. From evaluation questions to tracking your unseen critical activity, it’s broken down by quarterly and monthly planning, then weekly and daily execution.

Think of it this way: Do you ever wish you could go throughout your work day with a trusted mentor by your side?

That’s what this does. It’s the business mentor that sits on your desk. It takes the pressure off of you to remember it all. By following the tracker prompts, you’ll be able to make proactive progress through a reactive system.

So you ensure you work in your business, you work on your business, and your best creative energy goes to your overall purpose, not just your planning.

Gretchen Saffles, the founder of Well-Watered Women, put it this way:

The swHw Business Tracker has been a tool I’ve looked for, but haven’t ever found. It helps me focus on my tasks each day, challenges me to think outside the box, and has been like a business coach. It sets my heart on the Lord while pushing me to move forward for the glory of God!”

Let me be super clear:

It is NOT a shortcut.

It is NOT a quick fix.

I repeat: Buying the tracker alone will NOT make a difference in your business.

USING it will.

If you have the drive to do work that matters and the determination to follow-through with that drive, this is the resource for you.

Ready to get your copy of the swHw business tracker? Head here — they’re going fast! 12/15 is the last day to place your order until March 2018 (or while supplies last…whichever comes first!)