April 2020

The Top 7 Money Questions swHw Women Have

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Is tithing just for those who can afford it? Proverbs 3:9-10 says: “Honor the LORD with your wealth and with the firstfruits of all your produce; then your barns will be filled with plenty, and your vats will be bursting with wine.” This proverb, stemming from the instruction from Deuteronomy 26:9-11, commands us to give of the first and best of the harvest. God doesn’t ask us for our leftovers because everything belongs to Him anyway. Rather than questioning why He requests us to give our first tenth of what we have, we really should live in awe and gratitude that God allows us to keep 90% of what is His. We are managers of God’s resources, not the other way around. Yes, it will require faith. And you may even have seasons where tithing doesn’t make budgeting sense. But tithing is the one area where God tells us to test Him and see if He doesn’t provide in overwhelming ways (Malachi 3:10). Should I feel guilty for charging for my products and services as a Christ-follower? Paul said it best in Acts 20:33-35: “I have coveted no one’s silver or gold or clothes. You yourselves know that these hands ministered to my [...]

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QUARANTINE CLARITY: what is essential?

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Between FOMO (fear of missing out) and YOLO (you only live once), there's no question that it takes serious effort to live a life that doesn't require you to live exhausted or mindlessly. But as Somer said it in class yesterday: "One of the ways we deviate from God's calling on our lives is by adding too much to it."  And while we don't want to minimize the challenges many are facing right now, we also don't want to miss the opportunity to learn from what God is doing - because He is always working. We wanted to share an analogy with you from this week’s mastermind that hopefully will help you carefully evaluate your pre-pandemic life. Consider the difference between a buffet and fine dining. BUFFET FINE DINING It’s your responsibility to get the food Buffets are exhausting. (You and your spouse never sit down at the same time: someone needs to go to the bathroom, someone is somehow already ready for ice cream, someone else needs food, someone has to watch the purse, etc.) You get food you don’t even like because you don’t want to miss out. There are lots of mediocre chefs in the [...]

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June 2015

The Best iOs Photo & Video Apps for Business

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Looking for the best iOs photo and video apps for business? If you're using social media to grow a platform, these are important tools to have in your toolbox. (Plus, I can't answer "What app is that?" as often as it's asked!) Some are free & some aren’t, but they’re all worth the download. Enjoy! Photo Apps Typic Any pic you see that contains one of my logos (Myers Cross Training, Cross Training Couture, or She Works His Way), this is the app I’ve used to create it. It’s also fantastic for putting words on photos, and it has some great filters. PicFrame If you need to get multiple pictures in a frame, this is what I use. There are several others that are similar, but this is my go-to app. Camera+ For basic photo editing & re-touching lighting or contrast, this app is super user friendly. TouchBlur If you need to blur out the background of a photo (like if you’re working out in your garage & there’s a lawn mower right behind you), this is the app for you. Photoblend If you need to merge two photos, you can use this app to do just that. Video [...]


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