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Michelle Myers is the founder of she works HIS way and Cross Training Couture, the creator of the swHw Business Tracker and the author of Famous in Heaven and at Home. She offers marketing + copywriting services to help purpose-driven businesses clarify their message. Sign up at clarifyyourmessage.com/michelle-myers.

November 2017

Is the swHw Business Tracker the Right Resource For Me?

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In case you’ve missed any of our other posts, here’s a quick recap to learn everything you need to know: What is the swHw Business Tracker? What is it NOT? Explore the layout. What does “Keep my Hustle Holy” mean? One last thing. Let’s just call out the elephant in the room. Do you really need to add one more thing to your plate? Will you actually have the time to fill this tracker out so it benefits you and your business? Maybe. Or maybe you could spend that time scrolling social media one more time. Or you could try refreshing your last Instagram photo again to see if it’s gotten any more engagement in the last hour. (I can only say these things because I can relate!) The truth is: We make time for what matters. And too often, we get stuck in the routine of habit rather than the pursuit of discipline. But if you use the swHw Business Tracker as it’s intended, you won’t have to stay stuck anymore. (Unless it’s the hamster wheel of purpose…and in that case – Jesus, please keep me stuck!) Old habits will be hard to break, of course. But these [...]

What’s a “Holy Hustle”?

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You want to know the number one reason the swHw Business Tracker contains the format I’ve kept for myself over the years? Because I’m a sinner. (I’ll give you a minute to get over your shock – ha!) But truthfully, I am prone to sin. I am prone to wander. So the four words on the front of the tracker is the most important component of the swHw business tracker: keep my hustle holy. Now, hustle can bring out all kinds of emotions. Some people are anti-hustle because when they think “hustle,” they think no days off, and work days full of comparison, competition and cutthroat activity. But holy hustle doesn’t mean we hurry through Kingdom work or tirelessly pursue our own selfish gain. Holy hustle is a commitment to Kingdom work that is driven by prayer and action. As my friend Andy Savage puts it, it’s working in such a way that “asks God to act perfectly on our behalf instead of us trying to act imperfectly on His behalf." (I’m gonna give you time to make sure you “Amen’ed” that!) But friends, the last thing we want to do is attempt to work for God without consulting [...]

See the Layout of the swHw Business Tracker

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Are you ready to see the inside of the swHw Business Tracker? Let's dig in! Each tracker contains 6 sections you’ll get to know very well: GUIDE The Guide section is 24-pages, jam-packed with business truthbombs. Yes, its main purpose is to help you be able to utilize the tracker to its fullest, but it will also help you run your business both more efficiently and most importantly, in a way that is Spirit-led. Our influencers agree the Guide section alone is worth the entire price of the tracker. And that’s just the beginning! NMW (No Matter Whats) The only thing that I don’t like about using paper resources is the chore of writing down reoccurring tasks over and over again. So we included a tab for your convenience to easily access this section where you can write down up to 10 regularly reoccurring tasks for your day and 10 reoccurring tasks for your week. Then, in your weekly and daily sections, you’ll have a chance to mark off when they’re all complete. QUARTERLY Because business can change so quickly due to things outside of our control (new social media platforms, new opportunities, changing markets/trends, etc.), it’s hard to [...]

What is the swHw Business Tracker?

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Our world today has more distractions than ever, and our businesses are no exception. I mean, with the distraction of social media alone, you could work for hours every day without really accomplishing anything. But it goes beyond distraction. So many business owners consistently confuse marketing with business activity. Yes, marketing matters! But that doesn't change that you have to have systems to deliver on your marketing promises. The best marketing in the world can't fix a faulty product/service. So we wanted to create a resource that fills in the gaps. A resource that exposes the highlight reel, that purposely guides our grind and most importantly, makes sure that our work is geared to bring God glory. Here's the truth: Businesses are built one day at a time, one person at a time. And anyone who tells you otherwise wants something from you more than they want something for you. So that's what the swHw business tracker does: it prioritizes the behind-the-scenes work required to build a thriving business, while simultaneously providing a detailed roadmap to plan so you're never behind, complete with the appropriate motive checks. Every tracker represents one quarter of business activity. From evaluation questions to [...]

October 2017

Making the Most of Your Conference Ticket

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Our first LIVE swHw conference is almost upon us, and we are giddy with excitement over here! Needless to say, it’s hard for my brain to give thought to much else, so while it’s at the forefront of my mind, I thought I would give you my top tips to make the most out of any event experience. (And Narrow peeps, I seriously cannot wait to squeeze you!) Tip 1:  Prepare ahead of time.   Do your homework before the event begins. Most conferences post the agenda ahead of time. (Here’s ours!) By looking ahead at the schedule, you can get an idea of what you’ll need to wear/bring, plan accordingly for travel, meals and any free time, and look up the event presenters to connect with them on social media. (You could always say hello ahead of time just in case you want to ask a follow-up question during or after the event!) Tip 2: Don’t skip sessions.   You didn’t interrupt your normal life and pay money for a conference ticket to lounge by the pool or go check out a local coffee joint. Fight the urge to skip sessions for pleasure, even if you’re the only [...]