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Michelle Myers is the founder of she works HIS way and Cross Training Couture, the creator of Network Marketing Nobility and the author of Famous in Heaven and at Home. Her passion is the swHw mission: encouraging and connecting women who pursue God first at home and at work. She calls Asheville, NC home, alongside her husband, James, and three children, Noah, Cole and Shea.

September 2021

A Prayer When You Feel Overwhelmed

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I've never found myself at a loss for words so often in prayer as I have over the last 18 months. I'm so grateful for the truth of Romans 8:26 - "We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans." So if you find yourself there too, I wanted to pray these words over you today. Pray them out loud. Pray them with your husband. Pray them with your kids. Change is not what will bring the comfort we crave - only God does that. let's pray and praise together: A Prayer When You Feel Overwhelmed God, it's too much. The world, the news, the pressure, the expectations, the division, the tension, the sadness, the fear, the blaming. God, just the awareness of more trouble and more needs than I could ever meet often leaves me feeling anxious, helpless and low. But praise Jesus, it's not too much for You. Nothing is too much for You. You are in full control. You see it all. You allow it all. All because You're working for Your glory and our good. And Your plan will never [...]

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Relationships We Crave (How to Get There)

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Confession: I don't read fiction often, but when I do, I read the last chapter first. I enjoy reading fiction - I really do! But because I don't get to read it as often in this season, if I don't like the ending, I don't waste my time with whole book. I've heard all of the reasons why I shouldn't: "That's cheating!" "That ruins the reading experience and the mystery of having to figure it out later!" But I personally find that I really enjoy paying attention to, appreciating and even looking for details that would be easy to miss if I didn't understand the significance of them. I'll show you what I mean. Look at the end of the recorded story of Paul's relationship with the leaders at Ephesus: "And there was much weeping on the part of all; they embraced Paul and kissed him, being sorrowful most of all because of the word he had spoken, that they would not see his face again. And they accompanied him to the ship." - Acts 20:37-38 Picture it. It's the grown men version of the same thing your kids did as toddlers when they grabbed on to your leg [...]

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August 2021

the Local Church + the SWHW Book: will you join us?

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If you've been here for more than a minute, you probably know... 1. We love the local church. 2. We have a book coming out on October 12... a date that's actually starting to feel like it's right around the corner! (Head here to preorder yours + get chapter one as a digital download plus other SWHW-related bonuses!) And here's what our love of the local church + our book have in common... One of the things we feel God calling us to do is gift copies of our upcoming book to local churches, and the best way we know to do that is by putting books in pastors' hands. And when I shared about this briefly on my Instagram stories, we were blown away by your generosity and how you wanted to help. There are three ways you can partner with us in this specific project: 1) Preorder an extra copy of our book + give it to your pastor. We know the best way to get it in your local church is through you! So if you'd like to participate in the most personal way, preorder an extra copy [...]

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September Dates + Details

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Needing a discipleship community to come alongside you as you work His way? That’s exactly why we exist. Check out this month’s classes and join us - we can’t wait to meet you! Happy September  SWHW! Join SWHW! . Save the date: September 22 at 1pm (EST) Want to donate an item for auction? Email us below! DONATE ITEMS . Join us on YouVersion for a free Bible reading plan! JOIN THE PLAN

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