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August 2022

Conversational Commentary on Ecclesiastes

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At the beginning of this year, some of the women in our network began meeting with me (Michelle) and Liz Patton because they felt called to have the same gospel-centered conversations we have inside SWHW with the women in their communities and churches. It has been INCREDIBLE to see how God has moved as women simply got together to hear from Him through His Word and stir each other up. And now - the same curriculum we've been using is available for YOU! Today is big, because we are announcing a new resource series that will have 1-2 new volumes each year: Conversational Commentary by She Works His Way! This world is not lacking in good -- yes, even gospel-centered -- information. We also have more distribution channels to provide the information to more people in ways that are quick, cost-efficient, and convenient to access. I'm grateful for these outlets - any place the gospel can be proclaimed is reason to rejoice. But the good information and great distribution are not enough on their own. As believers, we're all called to be disciples who make disciples -- and that cannot be automated and distributed, delegated to some, or [...]

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Strengthen My Hands: Release the Dream and Begin the Work with Michelle Myers

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It's hard to dream big and start small. But you know what's even harder? Dreaming big and never starting. But that's typically what happens if we choose to despise small beginnings (Zechariah 4:10). So this is a conversation for the big dreamer who struggles to get started. Bring your Bible and a way to take notes, so we can ground ourselves in truth before we ask the right questions needed to remove all the 'bigness" from your brain until all that's left is the work. Check out the highlights from Michelle's monthly workshop on one of the channels below:

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