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Michelle Myers is the founder of she works HIS way and Cross Training Couture, the creator of Network Marketing Nobility and the author of Famous in Heaven and at Home. Her passion is the swHw mission: encouraging and connecting women who pursue God first at home and at work. She calls Asheville, NC home, alongside her husband, James, and three children, Noah, Cole and Shea.

May 2021

Introducing The 3 Step Planner

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@somerphoebus’ brain is wired for simplification — so much so that we have coined the term “somerize” for when we need her help pairing our word count down. She can ALWAYS say the same thing in less words. So if you’re one of the many who has said, “I wish Somer could jump in my brain and simplify it for me!” — that’s exactly what this new product she introduced us to is designed to do. And in class this week, our members got the the first look at it + the reminder that when we seek Jesus first, everything else gets in line exactly where it should. Check out this clip from class and then come back June 1st to see the newest product we're adding to the SWHW store. WATCH CLIP

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We Need a Favor!

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Working women who love Jesus wrestle with tough questions: How can I be effective in my work and stay committed to the gospel? How can I be dedicated to my family when my job is so demanding? Why am I working so hard and still so unfulfilled? Answering these questions (and more!) in... Sound familiar? Like you, we see a culture that promotes success at all costs, and working women are falling for it. Priorities are shifting. Marriages and homes are unraveling. Things are getting done... but are we doing what matters? And that’s why we (Michelle + Somer) wrote this book. It’s the story of how we traded the lies of the world for the truth of our loving Father: the lessons we learned that challenged culture’s “good things” so that we could find the greatest thing. PRE-ORDERS ARE OPEN NOW! If you plan to get this book, will you please go ahead and pre-order it now? Here’s why pre-orders matter: they tell retailers the book is important and that they need to carry stock of it. Otherwise, they won’t. So that’s why we are asking you to pre-order. So much [...]

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3 Reasons Social Media Should Not Be Your Primary Business Communication Strategy

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Social media is not the only place to talk to customers. I repeat: social media is not the only place to talk to customers.  And yet, it's the communication strategy the majority of small business owners rely on, while simultaneously being the component of their work that wastes the most time, frustrates them the most and produces the least amount of return. Here are three quick reasons social media should not be your primary business communication strategy: 1) You do not own social media platforms. It's always risky when you rely on a platform you cannot control. And you and I are not in control of the decisions being made at social media platforms. At any time, a platform could be shut down, sold or changed drastically -- without considering your business once. 2) Social media requires you to fight against an algorithm with a different agenda than yours. Every social media platform is a business with an agenda. And no matter what you do, their agenda is not your agenda. The only thing you can count on from the algorithm is that it will continue to change without giving you [...]

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April 2021

May 2021 Classes

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May is usually a busy month with Mother's Day, end of school parties and the beginning of summer. We've got some awesome classes planned for May. You do not want to miss it. We'd love for you to join us this month - check out our special 30 day trial to swHw below! Happy May SWHW! Simply use the coupon code: happymay when you sign up for a monthly membership to swHw! You'll get instant access to all of our May classes, resources + our archives of past class recordings. Get My FREE 30 Day Access she works His way is a subscription-based service, which means that your plan renews every month. You will automatically be charged the membership fee after 30 days. You can cancel your subscription at any time – no refunds for monthly or annual membership plans. Email [email protected] with any questions.

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