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Joni is a Pastors wife, boy mom, family doctor, and bible teacher. She is passionate about women knowing and loving the God of the Bible. She is on the SWHW writing team.

October 2021

With You in the Waiting: By Audra Haney

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Let’s go ahead and state the obvious: waiting is HARD. Our cultural expectations only make this spiritual discipline harder. We live in an instant access world. In fact, studies now show that our attention span is about 8 seconds. (For perspective, that’s one second less than a goldfish!) But God is the ancient of days. His redemption story spans the ages, and our role in Kingdom work is never rushed. The truth is: a walk with God is usually an intentionally slow process. So how do we stay faithful between what God has promised and what we currently see? Here are a few helpful reminders: Seasons of waiting are not only inevitable, but a beautiful tool God uses to shape us more into His image and equip up for the call He has for us. (Romans 5:3-4) Waiting is a stage to showcase God’s glory and strengthen us for battle. (Exodus 14:1-4 & Exodus 13:17-18) We don’t get to choose how long we wait, but we do get to choose how we wait. (Romans 12:12) Waiting is not a passive way to pass time, but a time of expectation and time of preparation for what God has promised (James [...]

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July 2021

June 2021

Quiet Times: What We Need to Learn and Unlearn

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Do you sometimes feel like you have to wait for the "perfect" moment to have time with the Lord -- a quiet house, hours to give, a candle, a cozy chair and a steaming mug of coffee? Social media and pressures to pursue perfection have even invaded our sacred moments with the Lord. How many times have you felt like, “If I don’t have a quiet hour to give the Lord, then I’ll just wait for another time...” ...but another time never came. Sometimes, chasing perfect doesn’t just leave us feeling inadequate. Chasing perfection also stops us from doing anything. Ditching the idea that time with the Lord has to look a particular way has helped me seek Him more in the busy seasons of life. For example, in a season of caring for a small child, I know things do not always stay on schedule or go as planned. So instead of waiting for the right moment, I spend my day finding the right moments. That means, sometimes: I'm reading my Bible waiting for my grocery pick-up order or on my lunch break I show up to church every week -- even when I'm tired and it's hard [...]

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