Do you sometimes feel like you have to wait for the “perfect” moment to have time with the Lord — a quiet house, hours to give, a candle, a cozy chair and a steaming mug of coffee?

Social media and pressures to pursue perfection have even invaded our sacred moments with the Lord.

How many times have you felt like, “If I don’t have a quiet hour to give the Lord, then I’ll just wait for another time…”

…but another time never came.

Sometimes, chasing perfect doesn’t just leave us feeling inadequate. Chasing perfection also stops us from doing anything.

Ditching the idea that time with the Lord has to look a particular way has helped me seek Him more in the busy seasons of life.

For example, in a season of caring for a small child, I know things do not always stay on schedule or go as planned. So instead of waiting for the right moment, I spend my day finding the right moments.

That means, sometimes:

  • I’m reading my Bible waiting for my grocery pick-up order or on my lunch break
  • I show up to church every week — even when I’m tired and it’s hard getting out the door with an infant
  • I’m listening to sermons while I drive to work
  • I put Scripture on my kitchen counter to read while I’m feeding my munchkin in his high chair.

Whatever season of life you’re in, ask yourself: Are you throwing in the towel because it isn’t “perfect” or are you prioritizing spending time with God?

No matter where we are in life, filling up our tank with His Word and praying for His guidance is crucial for us to walk in the abundance of the life He has for us.

We have to dismiss every thought from the enemy of “quiet time” being picture perfect.

God doesn’t care about what your time with Him looks like. He cares that His child is intentionally seeking Him daily.

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