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September 2017

An Inside Look at swHw

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Andy Savage put swHw founder, Michelle Myers, on the hot seat last week in his radio show. He asked her all about how she works His way began, where it is now, and the upcoming Narrow conference. (He even got her a little choked up at one point!) If you've ever wanted to know more about the heart behind our ministry, this is a 27-minute inside glance. Listen to the podcast interview here. (And subscribe while you're there. If you love us, you'll love Andy's ministry too!) Here are some quick links for action steps after you listen: Check out she works His way membership. Download the she works His way app. Register for the Narrow conference. Connect with she works His way + Michelle on Facebook. Connect with she works His way + Michelle on Instagram.

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July 2017

Three Quick Changes to Help Your Website Convert More Clients

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Building and maintaining a website that converts clients into sales can be puzzling. With so many options, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and not do anything at all. You may understand what you are trying to sell, but is it easy enough to understand to someone who knows nothing about what you do or what you sell? Before spending money on ads to bring more traffic to your site, make sure your site is prepared to welcome visitors! When done well, your website can be as beneficial (if not more) as hiring a full-time employee! Here are three quick changes to convert more clients into sales: 1.) BOLD STATEMENT & RESOLUTION Your website needs to very quickly communicate how you can offer help to your customer. If they didn’t need/want something, they wouldn’t be on your website to begin with, right? The first goal is to identify the problem/need your customer has, and then show them how your business can help them find the solution. Make your customer feel like you are talking directly to them and no one else. If the customer inserted their name or business into the statement, could they identify with what you have to [...]

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May 2017

What Does Prayer Mean to You as a Mom?

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When my husband Andy and I were newlyweds, our prayers sounded very different from one another. We were raised in different denominations, and although we were both Christ-followers, our prayers sounded very different. I was casual in my approach; a conversation, rather. More of a “Hey, God. What’s up?!” Andy was more formal; “Thee” and “Thou”, constantly reminding God who He was by {all} His names. I viewed God as more of a father figure, and because of my relationship with my own earthly father, I had a casual dialogue. Andy viewed God in the “Creator of the Universe” sense and showed signs of deep respect, reverence, and awe. Neither was right – and neither was wrong. Our prayers were simply different. As we shared the discipline of prayer with one another, we grew to have more of a common voice and tone. Sometimes our prayers would be in desperation, other times joyous praise. We would hold hands, bow our heads, or hit our knees. There were times we would lift our hands and sing scripture laced songs back to Him. Other times we were filled with so much grief and sorrow that we rested in the comfort of [...]


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