It’s not really about what we’re good at or not so good at, but what He can do through us with or in spite of those things. Amen?

In yesterday’s mastermind, our members asked Michelle and Somer some pretty incredible questions that led to some rich (and sometimes hilarious!) conversations. But the above formula is what we ultimately walked away with, along with some really practical ways to make this standard for how we re-frame strengths and weaknesses in our everyday lives.

Here are the questions we covered in class:

– What are your thoughts on how to use personality tests?

– What is the best strategy to steer your team around their strengths and weaknesses without stepping on toes?

– Is there such a thing as too much personal development?

– What’s the line between developing skills (for yourself and those you lead) without becoming prideful or self-reliant?

– Is it bad to depend on someone else in the areas where I am weak?

– How do our strengths and weaknesses, spiritual gifts and fruits of the Spirit interact?

…and more!

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