What we love most about our masterminds: there’s always something for everyone — so if you couldn’t be with us in class this week, zoom in on the image above + take what you need. And there’s plenty more where that came from – the May mastermind is available right now for you in your member portal and in our swHw members group, along with the class notes. (And if you’re wanting to get to know your swHw fam a little more, you’ll really love the first 10 minutes!)

Here’s the reality: mastermind classes are only as good as the questions being asked, and swHw – no one asks better questions than you – so thank you!

We know how full your plate is, so here are the questions we covered in class:

  • How do you handle hard clients when you know you’ve gone above and beyond for them?
  • I’m a department head at my office, and now, we’re all working from home instead of our office. Curious since the swHw team works virtually — how do you monitor the performance of others without micromanaging?
  • I think I’ve made my kids an idol. How can I change that?
  • My husband and I are working together to build a new business but we work completely different. (He’s logical and routine and I’m creative and spontaneous.) How can we accomplish what we need to without driving each other crazy?
  • My business and industry aren’t faith-based — so besides working with excellence and kindness, is there anything I could or should be doing to glorify God in my client relationships?
  • Starting a new job in July! Advice for leading through change (especially right now?!)
  • I’m a natural over-complicator. How do I get better at simplifying?
  • What do you do to keep excited/organized/moving forward when you have multiple businesses/endeavors?
  • As a business owner and Christ follower, what is the boundary line between obeying governing authority which God has put in place, constitutional rights, and providing for your family?
  • What is the most helpful advice you can give to someone writing a book?
  • How do you continue vision-casting and planning given the state of uncertainty? I would love to hear how you are praying + planning these days.
  • How long does it take you to put together your weekly class content? What’s that process look like as far as starting with a topic, pulling together info/researching/studying, creating an outline, etc.

A huge portion of the wisdom shared in our swHw masterminds isn’t just found in the answers given, but in the questions asked. We learn so much from you each month from reading the questions + topics that are on your minds and hearts. Join us for our swHw mastermind this month for a time of encouragement + sharpening. Get instant access to the class recording and over 25 others!

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