As we gear up for another back-to-school season, we can’t think of a better way to commission and encourage those that possess one of the greatest opportunities for influence over the next generation: our teachers.

Teachers, as swHw women, we realize what a gift you are, and we appreciate the heavy load you carry when you commit to help shape the lives of tomorrow’s leaders. Although you may often feel under-appreciated, please hear us when we say, WE ARE GRATEFUL FOR YOU! WE NEED YOU! OUR KIDS NEED YOU! KEEP GOING! 

We have compiled a list of quick prayers, written by some of our she works His way members. We hope our words encourage your heart as you prepare for another school year, and we pray you’ll bookmark this post for when you need reminded of your incredible purpose on those exceptionally difficult days.

Lord, I ask for continual refreshing for the teachers this year. That their jobs would be a delight and not a chore. That through them students would learn about kindness and humility. Bring favor and blessing! (Leah Hazelwood, special educator)

God, we ask that in the schools where they aren’t allowed to say Your name, You will shine so bright through these teachers that their students will see You.  (Somer Phoebus, entrepreneur)

God, we pray that You would give the teachers gathered here opportunities to be a bold Kingdom witness in the school where You have placed them. Give them Your eyes and words! (Michelle Myers, author + speaker)

Father, be with the teachers who are starting their first year in the classroom. Calm their nerves that they will be confident in everything they have learned. Be with them as they form relationships with the other teachers and look to them for advice and help. Be with the relationships that will be formed with the parents and those precious kiddos. Help them be patient and show grace. (Mattie Sampson – Pre-K teacher)

God, we pray that when they feel insecure and incapable, that you should remind them that Your grace and Your wisdom flows in them and through them every day. (Kendra Rice – ESL instructor and jewelry artist)

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for these amazing people. Please bless and encourage them beyond our comprehension this year. (Rachel DeRue – social worker)

God, equip these teachers to be Your hands and feet. Help them to lean on Your strength. Thank you for their commitment to encourage our children to learn and grow! (Teeny Pineda – executive assistant)

Lord, bless these teachers with wisdom, courage, humility, and compassion. Give them strength to persevere on the hard days and incredible joy always. (Karen Watson – health and wellness advocate and former music teacher)

Lord, thank you for these teachers’ willingness to serve in Your name even if they can’t say Your name in their classrooms. Give them Your eyes to see their students as You see them and hearts to love them like You love them. May this school year be filled with more and more of You! (Liz Patton – faith, freedom, and fitness coach and former middle school teacher)

Father, we pray that you would fill each teacher with the knowledge of Your will as they impact kids and co-workers. Give them an extra measure of discernment, the skill set to do their job above and beyond, the capacity to love on kids beyond their own ability, and the boldness to stand firm on the rock of Jesus Christ when faced with decisions to blend in or be set apart in what they do. Let it be obvious that it’s not them, but it’s Christ in them. (Stephanie Gessner– worship leader, Young Living leader + former teacher of 13 years)

God, we ask that You fill up those who feel inadequate to lead the next generation with Your strength and help them be an example of Your love to every student they get to empower. (Shela Yount – homeschool mom + blogger)

Heavenly Father, we ask that You look over our teachers, give them a renewed strength to overcome all obstacles, clarity to see Your will persevere in their every endeavor, and compassion to effectively communicate with every family member. (Lori Lynn Clark)

God, we pray for the Holy Spirit to work in these teachers so that these kids will know their Savior Jesus. (Sara Boling)

God, we pray that You will shine through these teachers so that the students will see Jesus this year. (Kari Coody, Pharmacist + Natural Health Educator)

Heavenly Father, we praywhen these teachers feel run-down, anxious, and weary that You would wrap Your strong arms around them. May they feel Your presence as they take the steps they need to lead our youth and point them to You. Be their strength, be their peace, be their portion. In You, they are strong! (Erin Hudgins, 5th grade science and US history teacher)

God, we thank You for those You gift with the love for our children’s education! Show Yourself through them so that all will see You and come to know You. Thank You for being ever-present, loving, and merciful.(Erica Zoller, Creative Director + Project Coordinator)

Heavenly Father, when teachers feel like we are not enough by the standards this broken world has placed on us, let us never forget that we are Yours, which means we are enough because Your Son, Jesus, was more than enough to be our portion. May we be effective at all the things placed in front of us this school year, but most of all, may we be effective in shining the light of Your Glory so that our students know that they are enough in You. (Andrea Owen Martin, social science teacher + online wellness coach)

Lord, go before us, behind us, and surround us in all we do. Help us trust You with the work You have given us for Your glory. (Jessi Kirby, K-8 P.E. teacher + athletic director)

Lord, bless our teachers and school staff. May Your favor and anointing be on them as they mentor and discipline our littles. Grant them wisdom and discernment as they prepare to love them well. (Lauren Robles)

God, equip those You have called to teach our children and serve our families in such an important way! Fill them with the endurance they need for the coming year. May they begin this school year with tender and courageous hearts. Prepare the hearts of the children they will love and teach, as well as the parents’ hearts, who come with each child. (Franchesca Calhoun)

Lord, we lift up these teachers to You, knowing You have hand-picked each student they will have in their classes. Give them the strength and grace to love on those children who are hard. Help them to see their students as image bearers of You. We pray that they would be the hands and feet of Christ in their classrooms! (Kristen Nelson)

We love you, teachers!

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