2 weeks (5 sessions) from March 27 through April 31
Led by Lisa Beymer, Clinical Assistant Professor of Special Education at College of Education at Boise State, and part of the SWHW Leadership Team

Over the past couple of years as educators, only one thing was certain: nothing was certain. In a moment’s time, our profession changed entirely. We were bombarded with ever-changing protocol that required immediate response, with little to no training and mixed-message expectations. In a matter of months, we had to re-learn how to teach and be in a classroom.

The one thing that brought us into teaching – relationships with students – was stunted and strained by computer screens, distancing, and masks.
Raise your hand if this left you feeling…

  • anxious and uncertain
  • ineffective and doubting
  • stuck and separated
  • lost and lonely
  • captive to circumstance

(Me, too.)

Here’s the good news: We serve a God of restoration!

As Christians, we can rest assured that God was, is, and will be Sovereign in it all. We know that He holds us and our students in the palm of His gentle hand.

We no longer need to be held captive by circumstances; rather, we can live expectant of God’s good work in our schools. We don’t have to be anxious for what tomorrow’s workday might bring, but with confidence walk into our classrooms in God’s strength knowing He will prepare us for each new day.

So here is my encouragement to you – and to myself:

We can and should claim our certainty in Christ and what it means for our role as educators.

Through 5 sessions, we will talk about the assurances that you have as a Christian educator and the Biblical truths that support the unique work that God has called you to. Together, we will be sure of our hope and foundation in Christ and our work.

Teachers, we’re continually praying for you this semester! We also have a resource curated specifically for you in this season. Find out more here!


  • 5 Bible Study Sessions (4 recorded, 1 live):
  1. Your Place: Finding Identity in Christ – Recorded
  2. Your Preparation: Confirming Your Calling in Christ – Recorded
  3. Your Purpose: Redefining Success in Christ – Recorded
  4. Your Future: Finding Peace in Christ– Recorded
  5. Your God: Finding Rest in Christ – LIVE on Thursday, April 6 at 4pm EST
  • Personal Reflection Questions + Activities
  • Practical “Next Step” Application
  • Lisa’s Cell Phone Number