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September 2022

Ep. 47 –  A Conversation About Jealousy

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In Episode 43, Michelle and Somer have a conversation about jealousy, which ended up being a great follow up to the previous week's conversation about wanting more. (You’ll want to go listen to it if you haven’t yet!) Jealousy is an ugly word and an even uglier feeling to feel. Listen in as they get really honest, and challenge you to do the same.

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Ep. 46 –  A Conversation About Wanting More…In a Good Way

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The more that you're craving... what if we told you God put it there to draw you back to Him? Listen to Michelle and Somer's conversation about the difference the gospel makes in how we define ambition and be reminded that God is always the more we crave. Resources Mentioned: Conversational Commentary on Ecclesiastes by Michelle Myers How to Ruin Your Life by Eric Geiger

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Ep. 45 –  A Conversation About Laundry

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Okay, so this conversation is really about a lot more -- but is there a better analogy for the monotonous and mundane parts of our lives than laundry?! We didn't think so either. Listen in as Somer and Michelle share some reminders we need so we won't subscribe to the "this too shall pass" mindset in certain tasks or seasons.

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Hope > Anxiety

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I looked desperately at my husband and weakly uttered the phrase for what seemed like the hundredth time in the past several weeks: “You have to tell me that there will be a day when I wake up and I don’t feel like this.” Here I found myself, hopeless and broken, in the middle of an unexpected, acute, and severe season of anxiety. The anxiety was a relentless tenant in my mind and body, reducing me to only a shadow of myself - just a whisper of the oft-joyful and energetic person that I used to be. I remember multiple times sitting alone in my office, surrounded by panic, wondering if I could will my mind and body to get through another day. Yet it was here in this season where God met me, walked beside me, and healed me. In His sweet and steadfast way, He freed me - not only from the anxiety, but from my ill-conceived, self-imposed, and completely unrealistic ownership over my own life. (If we’re being real, let’s call that what it is: Being a control freak. Raise of hands?) Anxiety has a way of leaving its mark in every area of your life, [...]

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August 2022


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Here we go... On Monday we release our SWHW podcast to everyone! We'll send you a link to listen that morning so keep an eye out for us in your inbox if you're interested. And you're invited to our first ever after party!   The podcast is free for everyone! The after party is just for the network. But if you want to join the network, just click on the image above for next steps! We would love to see you there! JOIN SWHW

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