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May 2022

6 Tips for Those of You that Work From Home

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2020 created some new opportunities for a lot of us working women, including telework. Although at times it can be convenient, we also understand how much of a challenge it is for your workspace to be the same as your living space. So we wanted to share just a few tips that have worked well for us! 6 Tips for those of you that work from home: 1. Separate your workspace from your living space 2. Don't make it habit to wear your pajamas to work EVERY day 3. Be intentional about staying connected to those you work with even if you only see them virtually 4. Don't eat at your desk 5. Quit work when it's quitting time and start work when it's starting time 6. Create a weekly routine/rhythm and stick to it

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December 2021

Why We’re Ending The Year Quietly

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It's the most wonderful time of year... so why would we try to talk over it? A few years ago, we decided to get quiet as a ministry team on all of our social platforms the last 2 weeks of the year. We had no idea a simple social media break would teach us so much. But it did. We learned three big things in stepping back + getting quiet: 1. In our experience, when we get quieter, God gets louder. Our team needs to hear from Him in order to do His work, which means we need to get quiet intentionally at least a few times a year so that we can intentionally open our ears and posture our hearts to hear from Him. (Yes, intention is very important!) 2. We've been given a platform to use for the glory of God and the good of others -- so sometimes we need to go first. We're not going to lie. The first year we did this, there was a bit of anxiety that spread throughout SWHW as women in our community loved [...]

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October 2021


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