Every month, our members give us thoughtful + impactful questions for our “Ask swHw” class, so this month we wanted to offer you a peek at some of our favorites. Information + content is valuable and we strive to offer the best at swHw, but information without evaluation will leave us working IN our work, when sometimes we need to work ON our work. So we’re sharing 10 of the 99 questions we’ve come up with that we know will help to you work ON your work. From personal leadership to marketing to the customer experience, we’re doing our best to cover a wide variety of areas so each of you can benefit by taking some time for reflection.

  • How do I prioritize having the hearts and minds of my teammates, not just their skill?
  • What expectations do you have for your business that haven’t been clearly communicated?
  • How can we stay true to our mission, but deliver it in a new way?
  • How have I communicated the impact we’re making recently?
  • Do the people working here have time to think, create, and enjoy their lives?
  • Does our current activity move us toward popularity or effectiveness?
  • What’s something that happened recently that made you grateful you work here?
  • What interests overlap between us and other companies so that collaboration makes sense?
  • Is there any part of our story we’ve never shared before?
  • How do we “go the second mile” for our customers? (Matthew 5:41)

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