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Because the SWHW network is so diverse in terms of career + experience, it’s important to us that our membership is affordable for all working women.




  • Our monthly network access provides the same resources as our annual plan with the opportunity to cancel at any time*. We’d love to keep you around, and we know you’ll love our community, but we understand how important it is to be a good steward with your finances, especially if you’re in the initial building phase of your business.


  • The longer you stick around, the more resources you will accumulate with the network, which only increases the value you’ll receive. Our *annual plan couples that increased value for you with a decreased price from us (25%, which translates to $60/year to be exact!) We’re committed to wow-ing you every month of the year.


  • It’s always a good time to gift someone with the SWHW Network! Give someone annual network access ($120) by filling out the form below and we will set the request in motion.

*she works His way is a subscription-based service, which means that your plan renews every month or year (depending on the plan you choose). You can cancel your subscription at any time – no refunds for monthly or annual network plans.

Here’s How You Can Join the swHw Mission:



On top of being committed to be your best business expense every month, our goal is to be equally deep spiritually and practically. Our content always answers the why (which moves knowledge from head to heart) and the how (which moves knowledge from head to hands.)



In our tech driven world, community is become less and less common, but that doesn’t change that community is a command. God created us to do life together! The SWHW network will provide you regular opportunities to connect with like-minded leaders who instantly get you.



You don’t have to wait to reach a certain level to make a Kingdom impact. God can use you right now, right where you are. And wherever He takes you, we’ll be here for it!

The SWHW Network Includes:


Our (almost!) weekly LIVE classes are the heartbeat of swHw memberships. If you can join us LIVE, you’ll be able to ask questions and interact with other women, or just hours later, recordings are uploaded into the network portal – complete with class notes so you can listen on-the-go and have the main ideas already written down for you. (You can also access the classes through our Facebook group if that’s more convenient for you!)


Our resource library is full of tools + tips to help you prioritize your walk with Christ, home and work. New resources are constantly being added + revised so you always have up-to-date tools to practically weave the swHw mission into your daily life.


If you’re feeling alone in pursuing God’s glory in your work, you’ll love our member community group on Facebook AND our annual Narrow conference. You’ll not only get to interact with others about SWHW training, but we’ll give you opportunities to share what God is doing in your life too.


Our academies, courses + consulting allow you to interact with SWHW teammates and members on a focused topic in a smaller setting. If you need more specific direction in your work, this is a great place to begin. (Network discounts available!)

Wanna try it out before you join?

Watch a free class + experience the SWHW network for yourself!


Wanna try it out before you join?

Watch a free class + experience the SWHW network for yourself!


Still curious if the SWHW network is for you?

See if these values sound familiar…


Dependent on God

Gifts, talents and abilities are real, but the One who put them in us is even more real. Our goal is to be women who rely on God, not our gifting.

Dedicated to Family

Our career may fluctuate throughout life, but we never have to question the assignments God has given only to us. You are your husband’s only wife, and you are your children’s only mother. Your family is your greatest opportunity for Kingdom impact and significance. Daily, we remind one another of the high calling God has given each of us at home.

Effective in Her Work

Excellence matters so God, so excellence should matter to us. But it takes more than mere excellence or skill to be effective; it requires our willingness to humbly invest in others, while trusting God fully with the results. So more than success by the world’s standards, we pursue to be effective by God’s standards.

Committed to the Gospel

In this post-modern world, it’s become far too common for leaders to choose Jesus as part of their “brand.” But rather than using His name to push our own agenda, we’re women committed to using our God-given gifts and abilities to join in His agenda.

If that’s you, too, we wish we could jump through the screen and hug you (or high five if hugs aren’t your thing!)

No questions asked, YOU BELONG HERE.

We’re not coming to you as women who claim to have it all together, but as women who desire to link arms and follow Him together.

You are just moments away from being instantly connected with hundreds of women who are committed to Christ, their family and their work…in that order. We love you already, and we can’t wait to get to know you!