Unity is one of those things that is hard to describe, but impossible to miss. And I think everyone who was at Narrow 2018 would agree, that’s exactly what we experienced:


And not because our work lives or family lives look the same, but because we all share an intense desire to follow Jesus.

No one came to see the speakers or be seen themselves. The spirit in the room was a hunger to hear from God Himself.

I think most of the time when people attend a business conference, there’s this front that everyone tries to put up of having their life all together. Thankfully, that was missing. Instead, it was just a room full of women desiring to get their life right – by God’s definition.

Praise Him for doing everything we prayed for and more. Heartfelt thanks to each of you who were there and made this weekend what it was. You bless us so much!

Here are the top 3 takeaways from each swHw team member:

Michelle Myers

  • We use our passion to excuse many things in life, but especially our pride. Make sure you’re not falsely identifying your pride as “passion.” – Somer Phoebus
  • “It is good for your soul to do good things that no one else sees.” – Clayton King
  • “Who you are becoming is more important than what you are doing.” – Sharie King / “What God says about you satisfies. What the world says about you does not.”  – James Myers

Somer Phoebus

  • “Who we’re becoming will be reflected in what we’re doing” – Sharie King
  • “We don’t have the right to live a life of limited influence.” – Michelle Myers
  • “You can’t stand on the Bible if you don’t read the Word” – Clayton King

Teeny Pineda

  • Heaven is going to be so much fun! I cannot wait to spend eternity worshipping our Creator with so many incredible people like the ones that I met this weekend.
  • “Do you make others want your life or do you make them want to know the Lord of your life?” – Michelle Myers
  • “We’re so busy living life online that we’re not living the life that God has called us to.” – James Myers

Erica Zoller

  • If I was asked once I was asked 50 times – ‘how can I help/serve you?’ (and that was from the attendees! Not only did our team come together behind the scenes in unity – the whole room was filled with people being the hands and feet of Jesus to one another.
  • Sharie King spoke truth and love in reminding us ‘It’s not about what you do, it’s about who you are becoming’. Whether you are out in front or behind the scenes – when doing work for the Kingdom, the motive of your heart outweighs the position or title you hold.
  • A question asked by Michelle Myers was, ‘How is my commitment to Christ affecting the belief of those around me?’ I think Somer Phoebus summed it up nicely by saying, ‘If you’re not questioned about your light, it needs to be brighter.’

Liz Patton

  • God moves when we surrender.  I felt like I got a little glimpse of Heaven as I watched the women worship our Savior on Friday night.  Not only did they worship, but they physically knelt at His feet, surrendering all to Him.  It was a beautiful sight.
  • It’s not enough for us to think good things about our husbands, we need to TELL them these things and affirm them.  I was convicted by Clayton King when he reminded us that our husbands can hear good things about themselves from others, but it doesn’t mean a thing unless they are hearing it from us as their wives.
  • “If people aren’t asking you about your light, it’s not shining brightly enough.”  –Somer Phoebus  I was convicted and inspired by Somer’s reminder that we are called to be different, and we need to let our lights shine for Him!

Joy Payne

  • In order to truly be surrendered to Jesus, I have no veto power. I just need to be obedient.
  • Chasing success at the expense of everything else is not a reflection of Christ.
  • God doesn’t meet my expectations because I want Him to, but because He’s teaching me something—Because He loves me.

Jessica Vaughn

  • It’s amazing to get to witness women coming together for one purpose, Jesus. Yet, the women encourage one another to do “what God is calling them to do versus what the world is trying to convince them they should be doing” as Somer Phoebus beautifully stated.
  • Let’s stop the cycle of doing more. Just because you do more in a day doesn’t mean it’s productive or what He has called you to do. Michelle Myers  shared a #truthbomb with us, “Spiritual laziness can be masked by busyness.”
  • Regardless of how much you do or don’t do, God isn’t after your performance. He’s after your heart.

Rachel McMichael

  • “Chasing success at the expense of everything else is not a reflection of Christ” -Shari King
  • “We have to find balance in the struggle between what the world needs from us and what God wants from us – but Christ always should come first” -Somer Phoebus
  • It’s not an “I love Jesus BUT I attitude” – it’s “I love Jesus SO I…” When we retain veto power, we’re not fully following Jesus.” – Michelle Myers

Not sure how many mics just dropped, but I can bet you’re going to want to go back and read through those one more time.

But to be completely honest… as awesome as those quotes may be, the best things that happened weren’t said, but done.

Worshipping our Heavenly Father together.

Chains breaking… never to be put back on again.

Entering into a room full of strangers and leaving not just friends, but family.

That’s stuff we can’t say, but only God can do.

We pray you’ll join us for Narrow 2019! Catch early bird pricing + take advantage of our new payment plan option to reserve your seat at the lowest ticket price. We love you – see you there!