“We have to stop listening to the hype, quit searching for shortcuts, and start owning our responsibility to serve where God has called us.” – Michelle Myers

This is what it looks like to work God’s way. It’s not driven by numbers, dollar signs, personal recognition or glory. It’s about owning our calling and being willing to accept God’s plan because, let’s face it, there is none better!
If you are a swHw woman, your heart is probably racing right now as you’re thinking, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

We would love to help you understand more about what being a swHw member is all about. While we do our best to share as much as we can on swHw membership, we realize you may still have questions about who we are, what we do, what the classes are like and how swHw can help grow your business.  Check out the recording below of Founder, Michelle Myers and First Impressions Coordinator, Emily Copeland sharing all about swHw!

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