You’re standing in the lobby after church, maybe meeting visitors with your husband while simultaneously trying to keep your children from running out the front door. (You know, since they’ve already told you 20 times that they’re “starving,” they might bolt at the smell of food.)

And then, it happens. A woman comes up to you, talks to you about your business she saw you share on social media this week, and begins asking you awesome questions from a prospective client/customer that you would love to answer… any other day of the week.

Or maybe you’re in direct sales. You know that your company’s products are great, that you are genuine with your promotion, and that you don’t do anything shady recruiting wise… but you feel like once others find out your affiliation, you begin getting MLM-related disapproving looks or even some “pyramid scheme” lectures at church.

And yes, even the side comments. “Well, that certainly is a nice car you have out there. Are we paying your husband too much, or did your little business take care of that?”

Oh, friend. We can relate.

We [Somer and Michelle] both have a minimum of a decade of experience in your shoes as both the “business woman” and the pastor’s wife.

While you would think it would be simple to keep separate, sometimes circumstances arise that make the two roles collide together like crashing cymbals.

That is, unless you know how to handle a situation before it occurs. Instead of being caught off guard, you’re armed with a prayed-up, thought-through, shut-the-conversation-down-before-it-gets-awkward answer.

We’d like to help you learn from our mistakes and share our experiences that have helped us figure out how to navigate this delicate combination of roles.

So for Pastor’s Wives Appreciation month, we would love to give back to the pastor’s wives who have been “amening” throughout reading this blog. Whether you work in corporate America, direct sales, own an Etsy shop/online store, have an independent photography business, or a side speaking/writing ministry yourself, we’d love to invite you to a free she works His way class:

The Do’s and Don’ts for Pastor’s Wives in Business.

The class will be on Thusday, March 23 at 11am EST. To sign up, head to (Even if you can’t attend LIVE, register, and we will send you the recording!)

We can’t wait to encourage you and equip you with some tools so you can navigate your dually important role with both courage and grace.

Register at today! See you there.