Do you ever feel like the work communication never stops? Are you overwhelmed with your projects and need a place for all of it to go? Look no further! Let me introduce you to Basecamp.

Basecamp is a website and an app. Everyone on your team can have a role. It has been super valuable to us at swHw so that we make sure and maximize our work hours so that we can ultimately maximize our time with our families!

Let me breakdown the features for you:

PING: a ping is similar to a text. You can ping one person or multiple people. If they set up notifications then they can be notified every time someone pings them. I’m sure you’re thinking, why ping if you can text? Well, it keeps everything in one place. I would recommend picking text or ping and stick to it. We have utilized pings so that we are all on the same page and it’s all in one place.

CAMPFIRE: a campfire lets you have separate businesses/ministries. We have one set up for MCT, swHw, CTC and MCT Leadership. You can add certain people to specific ones. Within a Campfire, you have to-dos, schedule, docs & files, ping and message board. This helps keep everyone on the same page with projects and tasks for that specific campfire.

EMAILS: You can set it up so that Basecamp will send you an email every morning with what’s going on and the latest news. You can also get an email every time someone sends a ping or campfire.

NOTIFICATIONS: Different settings allow you to get notifications through email and through the app. You can also set your work hours so that you don’t get notified of a ping or campfire during non-work hours.

Basecamp was something that James recommended to the team because the church where he was working also used it. If I’m being honest, our team was reluctant because we already had a group text message going and we would just send emails back and forth. But we’ve been using Basecamp for about 9 months now and we all agree that it has helped set boundaries with work. It also has cut down on the amount of emails in our inbox. And some of us need help in that area 😉

Basecamp offers multiple pricing options so it really benefits every business or ministry. Are you going to give it a try? They have a 30-day free trial. You’ve got nothing to lose! And boundaries and organization to gain! Check it out here.