Your Facebook banner is the most important picture on your Facebook business page.

Consider it your first impression! It’s the first picture that people see when they visit your page. A Facebook banner should be changed every couple of months so that people see a fresh new look when they go to your page, if not sooner depending on if it needs to be updated with relevant information.


Here are some tips to keep in mind when creating and designing your Facebook banner:

1. Show your brand.

Show your brand in a creative, clear way. What you sell, promote, or do should be immediately obvious. Your banner is the prefect place to SHOW your brand in a picture. You can also incorporate seasons and holidays to make your banner festive!


Living Proof Ministries


2. Don’t use too much text.

Over half of Facebook’s content is images and and visual content. However, too much text on a picture looks messy. Instead, use a fun, creative photo to truly show what your business or ministry is about.


Dashing Dish


3. Promote upcoming events or products.  

Changing your banner often helps to make your page show up in people’s newsfeed. Your banner is a great place to promote upcoming events or new products.


Lara Casey


4. Make your banner “clickable”.

A call to action, or CTA, points people to your website, event, etc. There are call-to-action buttons that you can create underneath your banner, but having a clickable banner also points people to your website. This is a great way to direct traffic to your main website or get people to sign up for an event.


P31 Ministries


5. Use a website to create a picture.

Our go-to website to create a Facebook banner is There is a template you can use that is the Facebook banner size, which helps when designing your picture. This helps ensure that you can create your image in the appropriate size so that none of your words are cut off the image when added to Facebook. Thankfully, Facebook changed their page design and you don’t have to worry about working around your profile picture on a business page.
I hope these 5 tips help you design a Facebook banner photo that will show off your brand and direct people to your business or ministry! We’d love to see the banner photos that you create, shoot us an email and show us!


Teeny Pineda, Director of Operations