This blog isn’t about inspiring you to just be more organized and pick up after yourself – it’s about inspiring you to create a work atmosphere that allows you to perform at maximum efficiency, which will then result in being at the top of your game!

Here’s 3 ways to De-clutter your desk… and probably your brain!

1.      Keep 1 notebook that stores ALL of your notes, to-do lists, and anything else that you would typically turn an old piece of mail over to jot down.

Seriously, take a look at your desk! How much of the clutter is random pieces of paper that you’re not even sure why you have?! I would bet a lot. I use 1 notebook that is categorized by date, rather than topic. For example, as I write this blog, I have a to-do list going, just wrote down an important phone number for a new client, added some notes from my personal development, and jotted down some key talking points for the webcast I’m leading on Thursday. ALL in the same notebook. It’s like a “work diary.” After my notebooks are full I file them away in my office. I go through 1 notebook probably every 6-8 weeks so if you think about it I have 6 or 7 notebooks a year!

2.      Go digital as much as possible!
Don’t try to fight it! This is the direction the world is going. Filing cabinets are becoming obsolete due to hard drives. Now, I realize I just told you to keep a notebook, but that’s for people like me who are pen and paper people when it comes to tasks list and note taking. When I write, I remember. HOWEVER, it is absolutely unnecessary for me to keep receiving paper bills in the mail (the #1 clutter issue in offices) or paper receipts – most stores now give you the option to have the receipt emailed – say yes! And for goodness sake, get rid of your desk calendar, it’s just taking up space and collecting coffee stains. Find a calendar app you like on your smart phone and if you’re a wife and mom, get super excited because you can merge your entire family’s calendars together in one place! (I use google calendar.)

3.      Tidy up at the end of your workday!
Nobody likes starting their day in a big mess! Want to see your productivity sky rocket, make sure your desk is ready up for you to immediately start working the next day! Studies show that the vast majority of people are 3x more productive at the beginning of their work day! Why would you want to waste those golden hours digging through piles of clutter, feeling frustrated and unorganized.

If you’re looking to have the capability to do more in less time, de-clutter that desk my friend!

Somer Phoebus, Executive Director

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