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Somer Phoebus is an entrepreneur, lead communicator and managing partner for swHw, a pastor's wife, and a mom of 2 girls. She’s also the creator of the 3 Step Planner and Productivity 101 which you can find in the swHw shop.

May 2021

Lightening Round SWHW Q+A

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Has life been exceptionally heavy for you lately? Same. That's why switching up this month's Q+A was necessary. And turns out? To get more laughter, all you need to do is throw a two-min timer in the mix! Somer + Michelle answered 15 of your rapid-fire questions and it was SO MUCH FUN! Here's a peek at the topics: Valuing your team Productive morning routines Disarming insecure leaders Discipleship Workout motivation Preparing to teach An Amazon shopping tip that will Your first gig as someone's boss Marriage and friend time Control vs. Planning Finding a church Hair volume + teeth whitening Working from home when you hate it Michelle and Somer's favorite part of their jobs at SWHW The 3 Step Planner Interested in watching the whole thing? You can join SWHW right now and get access to this recording + the notes that we always take for you in each training + our SWHW resource library full of helpful tools to simplify your life as you work HIS way + 1000+ women who instantly just get you. We can't wait to meet you! JOIN SWHW Have questions before [...]

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How to Walk it Out at Work

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We've never done this before. But we have to because we've never wanted so badly to jump through a screen and tell you something with our actual mouths. In class this week, Somer interviewed Nicole Warren, an incredibly gifted leader who has spent 15+ years in Human Resources and Corporate America. What Nicole did in less than 60 minutes was confidently remind us, with all of the passion and enthusiasm you can imagine, that as working women, we really are missionaries in every sense of the word in our workplace. But she lovingly and boldly cautioned us that in order to walk out our faith we must understand that in our workplace... "It’s not about the next promotion. It’s about how we can fulfill Kingdom work in corporate America." And then she proceeded to teach us how using practical advice and personal experiences that resonated so deeply. We left class with a fire in our heart and an even deeper desire to work His way. We just can't keep it to ourselves though. So we're making Nicole's class available to you as a one time purchase even if [...]

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April 2021

April Q+A Class Recap

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Our monthly Q+A is always special because our members are the ones that provide us with the class material. But this month it was extra special because the questions weren't just randomly submitted. Instead, they were some of the best and most asked questions that we pulled from Michelle and Somer's personal inboxes and DMs, born out of previous conversations that we've been having in our classes all year. At SWHW we believe in teaching + training, but we also believe we're called to be a community where our members know it's okay to push back and ask questions. And when they do we will always point them directly to God's Word and the Holy Spirit for their answers. And that's what happened in class Wednesday. Michelle and Somer shared their personal burdens that have ultimately led them to their callings in life and then answered some hard questions using Scripture as their primary source of information. Take a look at the 7 questions we covered in class and if you decide these are the kinds of conversations you want to have, become a member and enjoy instant access to the full April Q+A, along with the class notes [...]

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How to Take a Break (Without the Guilt) Class Recap

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Erin Cox, founder of The Gentle + Classical Press and the Life Abundantly Blog, and long-time SWHW member gave us a whole new perspective on the topic of self care in this week's class. It can be hard to recognize your own limits and needs when you are constantly serving others, whether that be your children, your husband, or your clients and team at work. But when we begin to feel burned out to the point that a solo trip to the grocery store feels like a spa day, it might be time to step away. Though many of us would rather not admit it, we all require rest + solitude in some way. And as forbidden as it sounds, Erin reminded us it's not only okay to take a break, breaks are good and important. Taking intentional time to recharge and reset by spending quality alone time with Jesus can help put the joy back into your daily routine. Bottom line: In order to serve our family the way Christ asks us to, we have to stay focused on His plan and filled with His Truth. And sometimes that means we [...]

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