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7 Practical Truths to Reach for When Mom Guilt Hits Hard

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Despite our best efforts, mom guilt can often hang like a dark cloud over our hearts…and subsequently, our homes. So from a mom who has been there (every mom has!), here are seven practical truths to reach for when mom guilt hits hard: 1. Don’t confuse guilt with conviction. Here are a few reminders so that you can identify the difference: Guilt is from the enemy. Conviction is from God. Guilt sends you inward to beat yourself up. Conviction sends you to the feet of Jesus to become more like Him. Continue reading on Brighton the Day...

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Simplifying Success As Obedience

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God has been trying to teach humans that true success only comes from our obedience to Him since the beginning of time: Eve, Noah, Jonah, Saul, David, and down the list. Despite all the examples we have, both when they got it right and when they got it wrong, the battle between success and obedience continues. Our main issue isn’t with understanding that following God equals success – most Christians do not disagree with that statement. It is believing that following God is the only definition of success. I can’t be the only one who has been scrolling Instagram only to get sucked in by a beautiful image of a #designyourlife entrepreneur on her yacht on a Tuesday with a caption like this. Continue reading on I Can't Come Down...

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Our Response to Culture

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How can we be aware of culture’s twisted versions of God’s truth without making an enemy of culture? It’s a reasonable question. And one that we felt called to address in our new book. The first part of the question can be answered somewhat simply. Just read your Bible so you know God’s truth and can identify when it’s being twisted. But the second part of the question can be a little more complicated… “without making an enemy of culture.” Continue reading on Val Marie Paper...

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