Have you ever considered starting a blog for your business or ministry, but wondered if it was truly worth the time and energy? A completely valid question and one I want to chat through today.

Whether you love the thought of it or not, a blog is one of the greatest leadership tools you can utilize for your business. Now, this may look different functionally for each business or ministry and blogging may or may not need to be on your specific to-do list. So whether you take it on as your personal task, divide the responsibility amongst the members of your team, or delegate it to a certain individual, it will undoubtedly be beneficial in the long run.

Why? Here are just 3 reasons (out of many) that show why having a blog is worth investing time into for your business.

1. To re-purpose and highlight your best content. 

With ever changing social media platforms and algorithms, sometimes it feels as if you’re just tossing your heart and mind into the wind. With as much time and thought as you put into your social media, you should have a place where it can be stored and viewed easily by those people who truly want to dive deeper into what you have to offer. It goes without saying that every business or ministry should have a website as a sort of “home base” for people to come dig deeper and discover what they’re truly about, and having a blog as an installment of your website is necessary to provide value to those who are interested in learning more about what you create or offer.

2. To share the heartbeat of your organization.

Whether you offer a product or a service or some kind, the mission and values of your company are what guide WHY you offer what you offer or do what you do. And that’s important for your present & future customers and clients to understand. Why are you passionate about creating beautiful t-shirts? Why do you desire to mentor women? Why do you want your product in as many people’s hands as possible?

When people can connect with your heartbeat behind what you sell, they feel like they have a relationship with you rather than just being another sales transaction for your bank account. A blog is the perfect platform to communicate that with others!

3. To build trust and authority.

Let’s talk about branding. Your business or ministry has a unique brand that represents who you are and what you’re about. Two main goals of your branding should be first, to build trust with your customers & clients and secondly, to establish authority in your specific niche.

Trust comes from people knowing you are genuine, real, and authentic. People will trust you when… You practice what you preach. You put the customer first. You have personal work/life boundaries. You will not deceive them into buying into a product or service that isn’t truly valuable.

Authority is built when you can show that you are truly proficient in your niche. People will respect you when… You are knowledgeable in your field. You invest time into staying up to date with relevant information and products. You have credible testimonies from past clients or customers. You are esteemed by others in your field.

All this to say, a blog is a perfect place to build trust and authority by doing the things listed above. Whether that’s sharing a helpful tip related to your field, sharing the testimony of one your customers, or even giving a shout out to another brand you like to show your customers you truly want to bring value to your customers’ lives.

I hope this article has been helpful and encouraging to you in starting a blog or re-focusing the purpose of the blog you already have in place! How are you going to utilize a blog for your ministry or business moving forward?

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