While it may seem to some that I have multiple career paths, when I’m asked what I do, I usually say, “I’m a writer and a teacher.”

Because writing is a consistent part of my ministry, I’m often asked, “How do I become a better writer?” Here are my top three tips, whether you also want to write a book, you want to strengthen your blog, or beef up your social media content.

Tip #1: Read good content.

Writers are readers. Reading helps us learn new things and spurs new thoughts in our brains. If we have nothing to share, it probably means we haven’t learned anything new. I subscribe to about 4 different blogs, and in addition to my Bible, I’m usually reading two others books at the same time: one for spiritual development and one for personal development. I’ve learned so much about writing by remaining a student of talented writers.

Side note: I’m pretty sure this goes without saying, but I’m not advocating plagiarism. If you’re reading someone else’s thoughts and it stems a new idea in your brain, I always recommend being above reproach and giving credit to the author whose thoughts inspired your words.

Tip #2: Write to a person, not a mass audience.

If your writing tries to please everyone, it probably won’t please anyone. I pretend everything I write, whether a book or a blog, is a one-on-one conversation with the woman I feel God has called me to reach.

I’m not aiming for wide reach; I’m aiming for deep reach.

Imagine her when you’re writing. Give your “her” a face. Maybe even a name. And when you write, write to her. This will make your writing personal, relatable, and more relevant to your target audience.

Tip #3: Write with consistency.

You won’t get better unless you do it.  I remember the first time I ever wrote a blog post. It took me an entire day! And praise the Lord, I don’t even believe the evidence of it still exists anywhere on the Internet. It still wasn’t very good, even after all that time!

But I kept at it. And while I would never say I’m the best writer in the world, I know I’m better than I used to be.

If you’re here, I have no doubt, God has given you a story, and the world needs to hear it.  Be consistent, and be patient, and you’ll progress. I’m rooting for you!



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