I love my online business + training other online business owners with She Works His Way. But a consistent trouble thread that I see is the attempt to live a virtual life (aka being more appearance-focused than service-focused.) And friend, that’s just not possible. We are not virtual beings.

So here’s the truth: if it’s our goal to live better lives offline, we will also be better online. But if instead, our goal is to be better online, we will be sucked down a vortex of constant disappointment when the virtual, no matter how great, cannot compete with our mediocre reality in front of us.

So let’s live better offline.
Love deeper.
Care more.
Serve with more enthusiasm.
Lead with more authenticity.
Do more with intention + excellence.
Pursue a greater purpose than selfish gain.

And then, let’s take a deep sigh of relief and praise the One who gave us our assignment in the first place.

Praying this will seek deep into the hearts of those reading this today!

In Him,


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