The Best iOs Photo & Video Apps for Business

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Looking for the best iOs photo and video apps for business? If you're using social media to grow a platform, these are important tools to have in your toolbox. (Plus, I can't answer "What app is that?" as often as it's asked!) Some are free & some aren’t, but they’re all worth the download. Enjoy! Photo Apps Typic Any pic you see that contains one of my logos (Myers Cross Training, Cross Training Couture, or She Works His Way), this is the app I’ve used to create it. It’s also fantastic for putting words on photos, and it has some great filters. PicFrame If you need to get multiple pictures in a frame, this is what I use. There are several others that are similar, but this is my go-to app. Camera+ For basic photo editing & re-touching lighting or contrast, this app is super user friendly. TouchBlur If you need to blur out the background of a photo (like if you’re working out in your garage & there’s a lawn mower right behind you), this is the app for you. Photoblend If you need to merge two photos, you can use this app to do just that. Video [...]