In this week’s episode, Somer and Michelle take one of their most-listened to episodes from December + give us a summer edition of their favorite things. A few highlights we think you’ll be especially excited about:

A few highlights we think you’ll be especially excited about:

  • Somer’s fashion picks for her mother of the bride era + Michelle’s comfort picks — including athletic shorts that are actually the right length without awkward pockets
  • permission to eat carbs…with your protein
  • a brief tangent to relive the summer Olympics of 1994, Limited Too + sparkly blue eyeshadow from Claire’s

We’re also SUPER excited to announce the launch of our Amazon storefront! We used to be able to receive donations through Amazon Smile, but with that platform dissolving, we have a new way you can shop and support SWHW! Every time you shop one of the links from our storefront, you also make a small donation to SWHW. So grab a few of their favorites (that will also become your favorites!) and support the SWHW mission too.


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