A Conversation about Firsts

In this week’s episode, Michelle and Somer get an early start on celebrating Mother’s Day as they talk through navigating the firsts we encounter as moms, such as:

  • the semi hot-take that over-preparation steals more joy from the moment than it actually prepares you
  • how the unknown gives us the opportunity for deeper dependence on the Lord
  • the connection between firsts and God’s faithfulness
  • Bonus: Introducing a new segment – I Disagree With…

– If you’re not a mom and debating listening or not, here’s our heart that we shared in our book:

“If you’re a woman and a believer, changes are that whether you have biological children or not, you will someday take on (if you haven’t already) a maternal role in someone else’s life. Maybe a teenager from your church you’re discipling, a niece or nephew, or a young woman at work who has a strained relationship with her own family. So when we talk about motherhood here, it is not to exclude women without children, but to acknowledge, first of all, one of the greatest areas of contention in a working woman’s life — being a mom who works — and second, to speak to our womanhood in a way much of culture is afraid to, as if it is offensive or degrading that a woman is seen as a nurturing or mothering individual. We will not participate in that narrative here because much of what the world sees as a weakness, we see as a God-given strength, as do the people in your life who depend on you for love and nurturing. But the bottom line is: when you read our stories of parenting, I pray that whether you are a mother in the traditional sense or in the spiritual sense, these stories will encourage and connect with you.”

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