You are more likely to do work that’s for God as you talk with God. Pray before you make a decision, as you begin a new task, while you’re walking into your office, to restart your afternoon after lunch, during that tough conversation, etc.

Use Visual Reminders.

Doesn’t matter if it’s sticky notes on your monitor or your car dashboard with your own scribbled handwriting, or you have something custom designed on Etsy to proudly display for all to see, keep what He’s taught you and what He’s teaching you in front of you. (Ex – I kept a sticky note on my monitor the whole time we were writing the #SWHWBook that simply said, “Not about you.”)

Acknowledge His Faithfulness.

Whether it’s closing a big deal, hearing an incredible success story from someone you’ve helped or just the fact that you were able to complete a task without any distraction, see His hand. Don’t credit yourself or someone else before you acknowledge His faithfulness on display.

Be Approachable.

God gets the glory, and people are the point. So we should never aim to work in such a way that has people admiring our productivity so much that they never want to “bother” us. Look people in the eyes. Ask questions genuinely (and remember their answers!) Care about the person in front of you at all times. Notice when people are having a hard day, and take time to check on them. Have “open door” office hours as often as you can. Your availability and your usability work hand-in-hand.

Stay Focused.

A quick social media scroll may seem harmless, but the truth is, scrolling numbs us out, and puts us in the place to consume instead of to serve. It’s hard to switch in and out of that mindset. This will look differently for each of us, as technology plays a different role in each job. Whether you can put your phone in another room while you work or you need to turn off notifications or delete certain apps from your phone while you work, take steps to avoid working distracted so you can stay focused on loving God and loving others in the work God has given you to do.