To our fellow writers + teachers + speakers, check yourself and your contact often with these 5 questions. Keep them somewhere visible while you study and prepare, especially while editing.

The tongue (and our thumbs!) can do a lot of damage + it’s easier than ever to be careless with what we say. If you struggle with being quick to listen and slow to speak (James 1:19), these 5 questions are great reminders — straight from Scripture.

“Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth, but only such a word as is good for edification according to the need of the moment, so that it will give grace to those who hear. Do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption. Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice.” – Ephesians‬ ‭4:29-31‬