Feeling overwhelmed by the to-do list? Maybe the giant pile of laundry? Or the way you just can’t seem to keep up? How you can’t be everywhere you need to be at once?

We’ve been there. Honestly, we are there. This world can feel suffocating at times, like a never-ending challenge, but we serve a God who not only takes away those feelings but is our Peace in the middle of life’s storms.

whether you woke up feeling anxious, you’re in the middle of your too-long task list, or you’re lying in bed wondering how in the world you can get it all done, we want to encourage you to stop. Put everything else aside and take the next 5 minutes to pray this prayer, the prayer for the overwhelmed:

“God, it’s too much for me.
Just the awareness of
more trouble and more needs
that I could ever meet
often leaves me feeling
anxious, helpless and low.

But praise Jesus, it’s not too much for You.
Nothing is too much for you.
You are in full control.
You see it all. You allow it all.
All because You’re working for
Your glory and our good.
Your plan will never be overthrown.

I really do believe that, Father.
You are more powerful and more wise
than I will ever know or understand.
So I beg you: help my unbelief.
Strengthen my faith.
Build up my endurance.
Sustain and center my dependence on You alone.

I confess that I often allow myself to be distracted.
I worry instead of pray.
I research instead of trust.
I look for tangible answers to put my faith in.
Answers that deep down, I know will let me down,
But answers that bring me fleeting and false comfort,
And mislead me from real and lasting comfort,
that can only be found in Your presence.

Stop me from going down that path, Lord.
I just want to be with You.
Peace isn’t just something you give,
But peace is Who you are.
So God, just reveal to me more of You.
Because more of You is really all I need.
I don’t need answers.
I don’t need to know why.
I just need You.

Keep my eyes fixed on You.
My soul kept with You.
My heart hidden in You.
My mind renewed by You.
My hands willing for You.

You’re not in this alone. We’re here, rooted in Him and rooting for you!