Prayer is vital to a believers life, God makes that very clear in scripture. We are encouraged to pray at all times, for all things, without ceasing. Although there are no hard and fast rules to prayer we wanted to make a few suggestions for parents from parents. What we know is, if you want kids with vibrant prayer lives, it will help for you to model one. We encourage you to include your kids of all ages in prayer. Here are our suggestions.

Toddler Age:

It’s not typically hard to get your toddler to talk at bedtime but helping them understand that their words are for the Creator of the universe takes a little more intention. Before you ask them to pray, remind them who God is with a simple statement like… we’re going to talk to God now, did you know He made you? Isn’t that cool?

Elementary Age:

This is usually the age where fear shows up a little louder so it might be more you praying over them and that’s okay. Try to be consistent though, they may not ask for it but they will expect it. Elementary age kids forget NOTHING. Well except for their lunch, gym clothes, to take out the trash, etc.

Middle School Age:

Arguably the weirdest age to pray with your parents. Don’t fight that — it’s not you, it’s them. Try resourcing your middle schooler with a prayer journal so that they have something to do with their hands while they talk to God. It makes it less awkward for some. It’s really about you encouraging them in their own prayer life, and then giving them space at this age.

High School Age:

Overwhelm seems to be the thing a lot of our high school age kids have in common. If it’s not busy schedules, it’s planning for the future, or just trying to figure out relationships. Spontaneity might be your best friend here. When you can tell your kid is struggling a little more than usual, after they get to bed, ask them if you can pray for them. Lay your hand on their head, keep your words simple and encouraging, and then pray for the things you know are weighing heavy on them. They might not say it but the Holy Spirit’s comfort will be felt by both of you.

We are praying that these would be helpful tools in cultivating a healthy prayer life in your families life. Rooted in Him and rooting for you, swHw.