Here are the questions Michelle and Somer answered in Part 2 of the December Q&A…

  1. I have trouble navigating between loving people and doing my work for free. Can we talk about that?
  2. I’m on the verge of burnout, how can I prevent going over?
  3. I’m done. Totally burnt out. How can I get back to serving where I am joyfully?
  4. How can I get my husband to be better at communicating his emotions?
  5. I desire community but can’t find anyone else who desires it. Help!

And here are a few of our favorite takeaways:

“If you have the financial freedom to be generous with your work, that’s a gift. Give it away.”


“Love is not a handout, love is effort so you can love people lavishly who pay for your work.”


“Boundaries are for keeping God close, not for keeping people out.”

-MICHELLE MYERS in the SWHW Gospel Definitions Resource (SWHW Network, this is available for you in your online portal!)

“Eternal rest is coming, so that should make being tired here on earth more purposeful and more doable.”


“A sabbatical is not a solution for an unsustainable pace. A sustainable pace is the solution for a sustainable pace.”


“Burnout and busyness is a taught behavior, teach your kids that they don’t have to do everything.”


“A lot of times we want our husband to communicate OUR emotions, rather than their emotions and that’s not fair.”


“If you’re desiring more community, start with one.”


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