🎶 Let’s go back…. back to the beginning… 🎶

We’ve got the Laguna Beach theme song running through our heads as Michelle and Somer talk about how she works His way started and why they felt a podcast was the right next step. Bottom line: we’ll never get over what God has done!

Here are some of our favorite moments of encouragement from this episode:

“There was a need for this community and these conversations. And every progression this ministry has made has been a matter of following the needs of the women God has gathered here and His call to go deeper, not a goal to go wide.”

– Michelle Myers

“To go deep is hard work. It’s messy work. It’s time consuming. To go wide is easier and it looks more successful to the world, but she works His way, from the beginning, we just couldn’t forget what it was about. The message was more than a message – it was a mission.  And the mission was more powerful when we linked arms with other women. The women we linked arms with… they needed it… but we needed them too.”

– Somer Phoebus

“The workplace is the most underutilized mission field.”

– Somer Phoebus

“The world doesn’t need more podcasts. We’re not trying to build a podcast. We’re trying to reach you in a way, in a format, that is easier and more accessible for you.”

– Somer Phoebus

“We don’t even plan on marketing this podcast which sounds crazy.. but what’s actually crazy is to believe that faith and logic are always going to be moving in the same direction. They will not.”

– Michelle Myers

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