Questions Our Members Just Asked Us

Ever wondered what swHw is really about? Here are 7 of our favorite questions from the swHw Mastermind this week AND a way for you to get a accurate view of the women who make up this community — since they are the ones who asked them!

1. Favorite Software for small businesses?

2. How to combat struggling with anxiousness, particularly when I know the Lord has called me to do something, yet I’m not seeing “fruits of the labor?”

3. What strategies do you have for building a social media following to attract your ideal client? AND how can I come up with fresh content for social media to keep my audience engaged when you’re completely stumped/feel like people are bored of what I normally do?

4. How to have a tough conversations at work — especially when there seems to be a misunderstanding and the other person doesn’t want to budge?

5. How do I make sure I’m not seeking earthly comfort but instead trusting God to meet every need I have so that I can love others well in the ways He’s calling me to. Is it okay to do the things I enjoy it they’re for the sake of filling me up to serve others well?

6. How are you approaching looking ahead and setting goals for next year during a global pandemic?

7. What are the top 5 things I should bring with me to Narrow?

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