Are you reaching the end of your endurance juggling home, work, school, church, family time, date nights and multiple people’s schedules (and sanity!) within the same four walls… practically 24/7?

We get it. We SO get it. And if you don’t believe us, we’ve added the questions that were submitted by our swHw community regarding our last Mastermind topic: working from home, below to show you that you’re really not alone.

Are these some of the same questions you’ve been having?

  1. How do I know if my business isn’t growing more due to lack of discipline, strategy, skill, delegation, etc OR because God wants to keep it the size it currently is? I feel like I am disciplined in it but also feel like I could be doing more sometimes. But am I really supposed to be doing more or just allowing my soul to breathe?
  2. How to do medical sales virtually with busy doctors who hate virtual meetings. Ideas for recreating sales opportunities in a no face-to-face contact situation. Building trust and relationships with those restrictions?
  3. Can we talk about choosing grace, operating from abundance vs scarcity and leaning into spiritual gifts and talents to create an optimal virtual connection and work relationships?
  4. How to manage overwork when there is no separation between work and home?
  5. Mental focus? I can make the schedule and create a work space, but it’s still really hard to focus mentally when I’m at home and not at the office.
  6. I struggle with work discipline and focus when one or more of the kids are home. I really need to get my hours of work in but it’s hard when I get interrupted often, especially by the youngest who is 4. And at the same time I don’t want to turn him away when he wants something. My husband works from home too and takes support calls and so I am usually the one who ends up hanging out with our youngest although I have to work too.
  7. How to get my groove back. I had formed such a great routine of using my hour each way commute wisely. Mornings were phone calls with my mom, worship, prayer. End of day was always a sermon/podcast. I have not been able to incorporate any of that in my time at home. I try to wake up early but then I wake my son up which then impacts him, so I find it easier to just lay in bed until he’s awake but then the day begins.
  8. Promoting your business/not wanting to be self-focused. Marketing in a wise way? Really being client focused and not feeling guilty because you’re talking about our business when everyone seems so stressed? Almost don’t want to “market” in the name of being prudent/sensitive to current issues. Do you have any tips for Christian Online Coaching businesses? Tips specifically on how to attract your preferred clients. What are things that we can do from home to market ourselves from the comfort of our own home without pushing/forcing our “product” on people?
  9. Trusting God’s vision in building my biz. I’ve been a work from home mama off and on for 10 years the last 6 part-time homeschooling and the last 3 building my own business. It’s a slow and painful process that more often than not leads me to think I’m biting off way more than I can chew. Imposter syndrome, insecurities, lack of income, time restrictions, work demands, etc are all places where the devil tries to get a foot hold. I’ve been staying focused on what God says about me but man alive it’s a battle. Any words of wisdom, encouragement, go-to verses or powerful prayers prayed that are helpful? Thank you!!
  10. Ideas, strategies or resources for things for toddlers to do while you work that isn’t tv? And sustainable rhythms when every day looks different with lots of interruptions. I batch work really well and haven’t been able to in this season
  11. I feel like I am on the verge of something new and exciting, BUT when I sit down to plan, my mind goes blank! I normally get all of my great ideas and hear from God when I am walking and running, but when I go inside to actually put it down on paper my mind can’t focus! HELP! Then I feel like the enemy enters in that moment and I start to feel overwhelmed and not good enough or scared to push forward. I am home with 2 boys and I am homeschooling them.
  12. I have always been taught to do more with any job. Take more responsibility, learn new things etc. I have been doing NWM business through social media for almost 4 years have have gotten nowhere because no matter how much I post and reach out to build relationships with friends it doesn’t seem to come to anything. What more can I do?
  13. I follow other women on social media who work from home and are building online businesses, similar to me, even if it’s a different industry. It feels like there’s a fine line where some of these women inspire me, encourage me, are a great example, etc…..but then all the sudden I can fall into comparison or envy. So maybe the question is how to know if you’re following someone to be encouraged by them vs. to try to be like them.
  14. By the afternoon after homeschooling, I’m empty.  “On paper” I have created margin to work 2-4 daily while my 3 kiddos have quiet time. But my brain is not it’s best. Tips on getting into your creative zone when your zonked?
  15. Tips for productivity/mindset with your spouse around. I default to my roles as his wife and making sure he’s cared for and feel guilty for taking care of the house or trying to work on my business.
  16. I’d love to hear how Michelle & any other SWHW team members juggled family and business at the beginning stages of their businesses when hiring help wasn’t an option yet.

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