You’ve heard it said, “work smarter, not harder,” but what does that actually look like in the day-to-day life of a woman who is often pulled in multiple directions with multiple interruptions? (Can you relate?)

And even more so, is that Biblical wisdom or worldly advice? Our highest priorities that we talk about all the time here at swHw should get more than just our best intentions; they should get our greatest energy.

And all of that is exactly what Somer unpacked for our members in class this week as she talked through How to Stop Sideways Energy.

But before she went too far into class, she started with a quiz to help us determine if sideways energy is a problem for us.  It was such an eye opener that we decided to share it here on the blog for you as well!

Take some time to evaluate yourself honestly, and if the results show you that sideways energy is probably a momentum killer for you, your home, or your career, you can join here to watch the entire class and get some tips on how to spot it and stop it!

Directions: Considering each day, mark the place on the line between the two words that best identifies where you feel you are operating on average. 

Ideally, your marks should land as close to the words on the left side as possible. If you find yourself closer to the words on the right side, more than likely there are some habits and tasks that are creating sideways energy for you which can slow you down, and sometimes even bring you to a complete halt.

Need help moving the marker to the left? Join now and watch Somer’s entire class for more tips.

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