The difference between genuine work for the glory of God and all other work is God as your foundation. It has nothing to do with the task.” – Michelle Myers

So if you’ve found yourself believing that the task is what give your work importance, maybe you just need the reminder that godly work gets its importance from God.

Pressure off. But also, focus on.

Probably one of the most difficult areas (but most important!) ways to live our faith at work is in our interactions with others. And that’s where making the upgrade from customer service to customer care comes in.

And when we talk care speaking to Christ-followers, we don’t mean merely a feeling or a brand value.  Care of Christ’s standards cannot be faked, automated or mustered up in your own strength. We mean genuine care that flows out of us because Christ is in us.

Here’s a quick look at the difference:

It can seem daunting to attempt to keep up with standard customer service expectations in small organizations — because big businesses sets the standard. Customer care is where small organizations can win. Stop wasting your time fighting battles you’ll probably lose that really aren’t worth fighting anyway, and capitalize on customer care.

Wanna make the upgrade? Michelle’s class includes everything you need to know: from common customer expectations in 2020, where small organizations can win over big businesses, the Biblical foundation for customer care, the right questions to evaluate where you are now + where you want to go, and practical ideas you can implement right away. Join swHw to get access to this class and a full library of training and resources that will encourage and equip you to do gospel-centered work in any career.

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