If you’ve noticed, we’ve been a little “parenting” heavy lately. Yes, we usually show up to talk about how the Bible ties into our work… but we also cannot and will not neglect the very real and current needs of working women. We’re here for the Spirit-led conversations, not for our brand or strategic algorithms, amen? And as a community, parenting is big piece of where our heads and hearts are right now. You too?

Yesterday, Somer Phoebus taught part 2 of How to Not Idolize Your Kids and got super practical. One of our top takeaways? Remember the power in being a peacemaker. There is absolutely a time to step in and put your foot down, but sometimes, you can diffuse a situation with love and peace before it gets to discipline and rebuke…and you just might just be surprised at the effect it can have on that little one or big kid that’s on the receiving end.

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